Are Gays Taking Over America?

Good news and bad news in the culture war which currently pits homosexual activists against American culture and non-homosexual Americans, formerly known as the majority.

Good news is that the Supreme Court is letting the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  policy continue in place despite one crazy judge and the plea of Log Cabin Republicans. The lower courts will have time to decide the issue.

However, this is likely to end up with the policy being overturned by the lower courts, filled with liberal judicial activists, and then the High Court will have to step in and hopefully save our military from experimentation.


The military is to protect us from the bad guys, not be a place where men can flaunt their sexuality. Can’t there be one arena in this nation where men are allowed to be men without political–and now sexual–correctness thrust upon us?

Do we really want to have a lack of unity and cohesion in this body of people who put their lives on the line so we can have freedom?

Freedom to commit sodomy, watch porn and have abortions!?!

How the truly mighty have fallen for naught. Not only would our Founders be shocked by what America has become, but our Greatest Generation who fought and sacrificed and died so that this nation would be free and better must be horrified to see the materialistic, nihilistic, hedonistic group of people we now are.

(Not all of us. Thank you, Tea Party Americans!).

This brings me to the bad news–the gay permeation of our culture and particularly of the media dances on. Literally. In Israel Dancing with the Stars features two women competing as a couple. Depending on how that goes, the American version–the top rated show in this country–might go gay.

This is a show where Sarah Palin’s daughter is still in the thick of things despite her limited skills as a dancer. It is a show watched by Middle America. And even this will be perverted if we the viewers let them.

I know we are talking about ABC which is as pro-gay as NBC is pro-climate change, but do the executives really think people in Iowa want to see Ellen’s “wife” prancing around with another lady, grinding and waltzing?

That might work in Greenwich Village or Marin County but in the part of the country that watches the show–not so much.

And yet it is likely to happen. The question is, when we stop watching, will ABC care? Or is ideology more important than ratings?

I for one will no longer watch. I hope those who love this country but are fans of the show will do the same. I mean, how can it be the same anyway?

At some point, if we want to have a country worth saving, then we need to stop the sewer that is Hollywood from poisoning our beloved nation and brainwashing us about what is normal. If we no longer are decent people, then it doesn’t matter what happens to our military since once we are dead spiritually, our physical destruction is likely to follow.

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79 Responses to “Are Gays Taking Over America?”

  1. Philosopher Says:

    Well said!

  2. Hahah Says:

    GTFO, you close minded geezer. Sarah Palin is a joke and will destroy this country if she is elected. She is a nasty woman and a quitter. Also, gay people are awesome, maybe you should try broadening your horizons and get to know more people other than the ones in your trailer park.

    • sualma Says:

      First of all, happy Thanksgiving even though you obviously hate the nation that gave you the freedom to insult this charming blogger! Second, why call me close minded when I espouse the views of mainstream America even though I live in the belly of the beast in New York City? No trailer parks here–and I pay the high rent to prove it! How insulting of you to pick on poorer Americans who cannot afford safe and adequate housing! I thought liberals claim to love the po’–especially if they can keep them poor and dependent on them. By the way, I have many gay friends. I object to the gay lifestyle and gay marriage and I also object to fornication and adultery. Yet I have friends who do all these things. Knowing other sinners–we are all sinners–does not and cannot mean we approve the activities. But we still love the people!

      • Michael shur Says:

        I know I’m late to conversation – but I have a few points to add.

        What, exactly, are the beliefs of ” mainstream America” and what is that anyway. All the polls in the us in the last two years show a split down the middle in regards to marriage equality (with a minor edge to the pro equality side).

        There isn’t really a “gay lifestyle” just like there isn’t a “straight lifestyle”. In fact, the lives of gay couples can be pretty indistinguishable from those of straights.

        A sin is something you do, right? Then being gay is hardly a sin, because it is who you are. Surely you can understand why telling someone that an important part of themselves (one that dictates who you fall in love with) is a sin can be hurtful.

  3. Selena Makeba Says:

    It has been quite clear to me for some time now that the Gay Agenda has absolutely nothing to do with allowing those who are gay to practice their lifestyle. It has more to do with forcing mainstream America to accept their perversion as natural.

    Gays currently have more rights than people who are born black in this country and still they push. Still they want more. Still they are not satisfied.

    I submit that they will continue to push those of us who do not push back until the very fabric of our society is lying around our ankles in shreds as they merrily skip off to another sexual excursion.

    It is my opinion that life is much too precious to spend it with sex as my primary concern and this is the problem I have with most of the gays I have ever met. They are 100% defined by their sexual choice when we all know that we are much more than a collection of nerve endings seeking sexual excitement.

    We are also spiritual beings but it is impossible to explore that aspect of yourself when you claim to be homosexual because any spiritual revelation that does not reflect back your primary agenda – that of being gay – becomes a conflict.

    If examining yourself as a whole person conflicts with any single aspect of your personality, then you have done yourself a great disservice by not exploring that specific area. Afterall, this is what makes us human.

    Persons who declare homosexuality is the only way of life have already lost the battle for their soul. In their fear that others will see that fact, they cower behind ‘born gay’ which has already been proven to be untrue in the book Middat Sdom.

    May God Bless and Keep Us All

    • oliver Says:

      It is hard to respond to a comment if it’s based upon a religion a select people believe in. Sorry.

      • selenamakeba Says:

        Then I would say that it is glaringly obvious that my last paragraph hit you right, square in the balls, Oliver!

        It is people like you who live unexamined lives and decide that whatever interferes with your pleasuring your body MUST be wrong.

        It is a very sad way to live and it is usually not until people like you are taking their last breaths that they ‘wake up’!

        Sad, truly sad.

      • Oliver Says:

        Sad? My boyfriend and I met in college and still going out together. We have other gay friends that have fun without the act of having sex. Laugh, go to the movies, go to work, complain about our jobs; stuff everyone does. How is my life unexamined? What’s interfering with my pleasuring? Even if gays don’t get their rights, which I doubt, I’ll still get my pleasure? If you’re talking about sex I’ll get that still lol. Not sure what you’re talking about but I’ve stopped trying to understand you altogether anyway.

        Nothing is interfering with me having sex for hours on end and waking up barely able to walk LOL. Sorry to take a immature stance but I already stated my point at the very bottom of this post.

        It’s easy to judge something you’re not is bascially what this argument is coming down to.

    • ric Says:

      Did you time travel from the 1940’s or something? Is there rights that African Americans don’t have in this country?

  4. Anthony Says:

    I’m gay, and i think that you watch way to much fox news. What rights do we have over black people? Why do you feel so strongly about this subject you’d make a post, huh, lil fag boy? Stop posting bull shit on the internet, take the tin foil of your head and come into the real world. Gays are real people asshole, were not after your army, The only reason we want don’t ask don’t tell repealed is because of all the people who came out of the closet afterwards who got there military benefits taken away. Go fuck your self dumb ass faggot.

    • sualma Says:

      Is that an argument in here? I wish you peace; you seem very angry.

      • SelenaMekabe Says:

        WOW! He is angry!

        Did Anthony just decide to be gay yesterday and has no idea of the politics of the issue?

        Or perhaps he doesn’t have an idea who Dr. Antoine Levay really is.

        Either way, I won’t respond to this kind of name-calling and ignorance.

        My points in my argument above still stand without being countered by anyone in the gay community.

  5. Jonathan Says:

    I think there should be a limit to what the gays can do. I feel I am being oppressed by there way of thinking and pushing there ideas and gross way of thinking on others who are not gay. My children do not need to see your open need for affection. God what has the US come to? We are the laughing stock of all countries.

    • oliver Says:

      Are you serious? How in the world are you being oppressed by their way of thinking and pushing their ideas and gross ways of thinking on others who are not gay? Please give examples.

      What has the United States come to? A more calm a peaceful countries than it was fifty years ago. Would you rather go back to the Jim Crow laws? Openly killing and beating African-Americans in streets because the walked on the wrong side of the sidewalk or simply because you don’t like them? Treating women as if they were inferior? Allow the KKK into power (they were in power for a short time but I forget when)? Allow shock therpy for homosexuals be legal?

      Oh, I forgot. You a straight white male. You wouldn’t care about any of those things because it doesn’t affect you. Just like Selena, you’re only worried about yourself, your partner, and your children.

      Now that’s God-like. Very God-like indeed.

    • Brad Says:

      I agree, gays need to go back in their closet and stay there. My children do not need to be exposed to your perverse choice in life. Homosexuality is not normal in any way, nor is it genetic. People choose to be gay and it is sickening.

    • ric Says:

      Just out of curiosity if your children started hates black people one day because they considered them inferior would you feel that the civil right’s community was putting suffocating everyone with their agenda of equal rights?

  6. selenamakeba Says:

    I have read and studied the gay agenda for more than a few years now. It was not intentional. I began researching pedophilia and was consequently drawn to pederasts and the infamous group N.A.M.B.L.A.

    I was shocked when I first began but I prayed for strength and continued on.

    Eventually I condensed my study to N.A.M.B.L.A. and I was horrified, shocked and totally disgusted by what I learned.

    The grown men of this organization have banded together so that the can tell each other that it is the rest of the world that is crazy – and they are perfectly normal because they can only get sexually excited by little boys… some as young as 1-year-old!

    In their minds they fantasize that these children are actually sexually tempting them and that also gives them the right to have sexual relations with children.

    They live in a very sick and narcissistic world.

    The great majority of these men have for years worked within the homosexual fight for equality and because of that service, they feel that they should enjoy the same freedoms from persecution that homosexuals enjoy today.

    They are so deluded they can not even admit that they ruin these children’s lives. They call themselves “boylovers” because they can not bear the term “pederast”.

    The problem with the pedophile/pederast in our society is that we can never condone their sexual choices and even after being caught, they have a 97% recidivism rate – which means they never stop seeking children for sex their entire lives.

    The other problem is that the actually envision the day when they will have effected “Child Liberation”. By convincing your children that they are being treated as the ‘property’ of their parents, they can incite these children to rebel… right into their waiting arms.

    I, personally, do not care what 2 adults mutually consent to do in private… but I raise a standard when it comes to children.

    I believe that children should have the right to choose their own sexuality… but we all know that a child who is exposed to sex at too early an age will invariably suffer emotional repercussions from that encounter. And this is especially true when young boys have their anal cavity invaded by a grown man just to satisfy his sick desires.

    This child has to live the rest of his life with a permanent reminder of that 1 encounter like a cancer growing inside him because his little butt will never completely close again.

    I say if your child’s school is teaching gay sex in school or inviting homosexual couples to visit and give talks at his/her school, you the parent has every right to be there when this happens.

    And that is exactly what they are doing behind your back.

    It is the height of social irresponsibility for any gay person to talk to a child about sex, whether he/she is a homosexual/pedophile/pederast or not.

    I submit that a child’s sexuality is his decision and his alone.

    • oliver Says:

      Like a typical heterosexual God-fearing individual self-righteous individual would, you like to make it seem as though being a pedophile is like being homosexual. Neither of the words are interchangeable in case you were confused.

      And whether or not a bunch of cult-like individuals who were fighting for homosexual rights but are now fighting to “delude children” for their sexual gain doesn’t have to do anything with homosexuals as a whole.That’s like me stating “a bunch of God-fearing self-righteous heterosexuals were in Church one day and out killing Blackies the next with their KKK buddies, watch out for straight people?” Come on, you know the relation you tried to make with N.A.M.B.L.A was wrong, or do you? So the fact that you try to “delude” people into thinking homosexuals are to the N.A.M.B.L.A is quite misguiding.

      “I personally do not care what two adults consent to do in private…. but I raise a standard when it comes to children,” which leaves us to the question as to why you’re creating posts on this webpage.

      Ok, teaching gay sex in school? I have no idea of this occurring at any school, however, you’re the researcher so I guess you would know? Anyways, I do agree the parent of the child have to be there and even though I’m a homosexual I’d be there if I had children too. Also know that I’d be there if they were teaching Christianity, white supremacy, or anything else the church tries to force children to think.

      I’d hate to assume, but after reading your post you’re probably a white female with kids and a husband who attends Church reguarly thinking you are better than most people who live in America; when in actuality, you’re not. You’re not at all. Just lucky. Or, dare I say it? “Blessed.”

  7. Michael shur Says:

    Firstly, selenamakeba, there no link between pedophilia and homosexuality. Gays are NOT more likely to pedophiles than straights. There are mounds of studies that back up this assertion.

    Secondly, as a gay man, I want to make a couple comments. Firstly, it was NOT a choice. And I am not trying to turn people gay, because that is impossible. The only agenda I have is to be treated equally. That’s it. Really. The right has invented lots of reasons to hate us, but they’re are generally lies…

    Thirdly, I don’t know that our country needs saving… Saving from whom? The gays trying to turn you gay? Not happening.

    Lastly, besides the fact that your religion does not condone homosexuality, do you have ANY other arguments against it?

  8. Selena Makeba Says:

    Actually Michael, as you have not rebutted anything I have said, I don’t think we have anything to talk about.

    Your specious reasoning toward points that I never asserted do show that you are trying to think critically and I applaud you for that.

    Here’s a suggestion, stop using toothpaste and mouthwash. They are both full of fluoride which builds up in the body and impairs the brain’s ability to think clearly.

    Read the instruction on your toothpaste, it only takes an amount the size of a green pea to be ingested before you should call poison control. Your mouth and gums are absorbing that amount every single time you use that poison.

    Please come back in about a year when you are clear-headed and thinking properly. We can talk then.

    • oliver Says:

      I’m actually quite upset because this is starting to look like Selena is only here for attention.

      How did Michael not rebut anything you stated in your previous post? He mentions, “Gays are NOT more likely to pedophiles than straights. There are mounds of studies that back up this assertion.”
      Did you just somehow miss that or did you just stop to pray and just so happen to skip over it?

      Although, that’s about the only thing he responded to, sadly. Just because you’re a heterosexual white Christian doesn’t mean you’re better than the average person or immune to any foolish acts a common person would do. You do realize that, right?

      Perhaps you should try using toothpaste AND mouthwash instead of your scriptures and bible because I’m sure you type how you speak and it’s hard to understand where you’re coming from. Therefore, if it’s hard to understand where you’re coming from Michael cannot fully comprehend what you’re trying to convey and if he cannot understand what you’re trying to convey he cannot reason with you in order to give a proper argument and neither can I.

      Use the toothpaste and mouthwash.

      • appvoodooMichael Shur Says:

        I realize that my other comments weren’t as clearly directed as they should have been.

        My comment about not choosing to be gay was in response to Salena’s question: “Did Anthony just decide to be gay yesterday…”

        My comment about saving America is in response to Sualma’s statement in the post “At some point, if we want to have a country worth saving, then we need to stop the sewer that is Hollywood from poisoning our beloved nation and brainwashing us about what is normal.”

  9. Michael shur Says:

    Salena, why are you so angry? Admittedly I should have been more clear which parts of my post were in response to the above article and which where aimed your post. I apologize for the confusion. I hardly think it warrants such venom, though.

    I suppose it is also possible that misunderstood you. Were you suggesting that there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia? If not, you have my apology for that, as well.

    I don’t enjoy it when people vilify me. Call it a pet peeve.

    I would love to have a civil discussion with you.

    • oliver Says:

      She is awfully rude. I hope she doesn’t treat her so called homosexual friends like she treats us.

    • selenamakeba Says:

      Well Michael, that sounds awfully healthy of you.

      I understand that you do not like being vilified and please understand that I do not like to be misinterpreted.

      If we got off to the wrong foot, I am more than willing to kiss and make-up – assuming you are big enough to look past my last post of earlier today.

      To answer your question, yes, I am suggesting a link between pedophilia and homosexuality.

      But the link is social, not mental or biological.

      I stated truthfully when I reported that the pedophiles of N.A.M.B.L.A. have worked tirelessly for years behind the scenes of the homosexual movement and today they expect some of the same freedoms that homosexuals have earned.

      Properly those in N.A.M.B.L.A. would be called pederasts rather than pedophiles, but you understand my meaning.

      Please let me know if you need any proof of this assertion, I will be happy to supply it.

      • Michael shur Says:

        Apology accepted.

        I’m not aware of n.a.m.b.l.a.’s involvement in the push for marriage equality and would be interested what your sources are.

        Regardless, I am not condoning any of n.a.m.b.l.a.’s actions and I’m willing to bet that the gay community as a whole would not either.

      • Michael shur Says:

        I’m happy to continue our discussion if you can refrain from calling me names.

  10. Michael shur Says:

    Salena, it is true that I would love to be accepted by everyone. I know that won’t happen, so, I will settle for you disagreeing with me but not with you helping to deny me rights,

    Selana, in response to one of your comments suggesting that gays are interested only in sex –
    I can only speak for myself, but sex is not my only concern. Love, however, is something that I feel is an extremely important part of life. My orientation does not define who I am, but it does inform who I fall in love with. And that is why it is important.

    What rights do I have that black people don’t? I live in Florida, it is perfectly legal here to fire me because I am gay. That is not the case, nor should it be, for African Americans.

    I understand that your religion has an issue with gays, but, once again, that is not a reason to deny people civil rights. The united states is NOT a theocracy.

    Also, even interpretations of the bible change. You can find passages in the bible that support slavery, doesn’t mean that as a society we should,

    In response to whether or not people are born gay – I can tell you that, for me, it was not a choice. I don’t know why I am, but I don’t worry about it any more than I worry about why I have blue eyes. It is just one part of who I am.

    Again, I would love to have a calm and enjoyable discussion with you.

  11. selenamakeba Says:

    And there-in lies the real problem, when sick people like Michael and Oliver tell each other, “We’re okay, it’s the rest of the world that’s sick”.

    Michael said ““Gays are NOT more likely to pedophiles than straights.”

    And that is not a point of contention. No one has said that they are.

    I can only guess that he read a sentence or two of my reply and decided to make a half-hearted stand regurgitating something he heard someone else say at some point that sounded ‘okay’ to him.

    I have no heard ANYONE here say anything close to what your pathetic argument is, Michael.

    That is not the conversation and when people, like yourself, who are unable to hold adult conversations jump in – all you can ever manage to do is take the conversation into an absurdly asinine direction.

    You waste time and inject inane arguments into the conversation where they do little to no good in fostering a healthy dialogue.

    So, I say again to Michael, “Go read a book”.

    • Oliver Says:

      What is the point of an argument if no one wins in the end? When have you ever posted an argument up on a website and saw the other person say, “Oh you’re right, I agree?” Selenamakeba is too much of an arrogant, naive, Chrisitian follower to even TRY and understand what Michael and I are trying to say to her. But is it really all her fault? I’d have to say it’s mine as well. I would simply look at her post and take a few points out of it and make up another argument based upon what she previously stated. I’m sure a lot of people came upon all of this and were smart enough to realize that it’s a never-ending battle of “who’s right and who’s wrong.” Therefore, I think I’m done trying to get my point across, which Selenamakeba missed completely.

      “We’re okay, it’s the rest of the world that’s sick.” Neither Michael nor I said that at all. Nor did we imply it. Not sure about Michael but my whole point was to NOT say homosexuality is okay but just to simply get a little bit of respect, which most pseudo-intellectual Christians lack due to the fact they think they’re better than everyone who doesn’t follow their naive beliefs.

      After reading all of Selenamakeba’s posts I’d have to say I have no clue what she’s trying to say besides the fact that she doesn’t like homosexuals, or she’s simply doing God’s work, or God’s hate them, or whatever you Christians like to believe you’re doing for the greater good.

      From PROFESSIONAL and STRUCTURED debates I’ve had between other adults in PERSON I have to say that I would rather keep things how it is instead of allowing gays to get so many rights. I would just think it’s weird to see two men or two women getting married on television. But why is it weird? Because that’s what I’m not use to seeing. However, inevitably, homosexuals will get the same rights as heterosexuals whether you like it or not Selenamakeba. Other minorities and disprivileged groups got theirs and so we’re going to get ours. So even if you don’t say “Michael and Oliver, you’re right,” in a few years, you won’t have to.

      The premise of this whole argument, which was Supreme Court letting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” continue in place, but that policy was banned not to long ago. A little after that New York allowed gay marriage. What’s next Selenamakeba? More rights? Of course.

      Michael and I will win Selena, we’re simply following the foot steps African-Americans put down years back.

      Oh, as a side note I’d just like to say the, “What’s the world coming to” or “remember the good ol’ days” phrase Chrisitians and white people always say is a joke. Especially when miniorities say it, as if they would want to go back during the 1950s with the KKK, red scare, and race riots where they wouldn’t even be able to walk to their Church without seeing a lynched African-American, being spat on, harassed, physically assaulted, or racially slurred.

      It’s laughable. Almost as laughable as Selena’s arguments. Good luck talking to a brick wall Michael.

    • Michael shur Says:

      I really don’t understand the venom, selena. You didn’t address any of my arguments and instead continued calling me names. I’ve been nothing but polite…

      I did not regurgitate any of what I wrote to you. I’m taking the time to talk about something very personal and important to me and I’m being absolutely honest in my responses.

      “I have no heard ANYONE here say anything close to what your pathetic argument is, Michael.” — I went through one of your posts and addressed each of your points in order. I’m not sure what the source of confusion is or why you feel the need to use the “pathetic.”

  12. selenamakeba Says:

    And yes, Oliver, “I’ll be back”!

  13. Billy Says:

    First of all, Homosexuality is not a conscious choice, but is psychologically inherent. It is a result of sexual images/info’ being associated with sexual feelings. Thats how they’ve been indoctrinating our children via TV, film, fashion, porn, etc, for the past 70 years or so. It is actually the main reason for the gay baby-boom.
    In TV, film, etc, any desired “image” the hetero world wants to look at, is quickly cut/deleted then replaced with prolonged close-ups of male images (but there are so many techniques). How? Every clip/piece of footage you will ever see on this planet, has been edited by gay men. There are no straight editors in existence (just the odd female assistant, there to take the blame). Some even use girl’s names to detract attention.
    They actually hate women, as they are their main obstacle. If women continue to self persecute through eating disorders, etc, then men will have to look for alternative sexual outlets (like they do in prison, etc). The gay clergy are responsible for the infamous “witch” hunts and derogatory terms for women (sluts, whores, ect,). This not only creates psychological damage, but it also gives men imbalanced views of women.
    The gay directors, editors, cameramen, etc, who dominate the media world, are responsible for incorporating adult issues with children’s programmes and at peak times. This is but the tip of the ice-berg.
    Don’t kid yourself, these people think on truly evil terms. They believe a God has given them a raw deal on this planet, and they really are resigned to dying for the “cause” (the “cause” being the genocidal brainwashing of our children). The gay “agenda, movement” is becoming a little too much for people to bare now.

    • Michael shur Says:

      I really hope that you are being sarcastic. But it’s hard to tell…
      You don’t actually believe that there is some kind of gay conspiracy, do you? As a gay man, I can promise I’m not trying to turn anyone gay. The scientific community has found a lot of evidence to suggest that being gay is largely caused by a woman’s hormone levels during pregnancy.

      Also, if your theory of gay indoctrination through media was true, that wouldn’t explain all of the gay people before that. The rate of homosexuality appears to be a steady 10% in all cultures at all times.

      I certainly don’t want something as bizarrely absurd as removing all women from the planet! Lol

      Also, please stop linking pedophilia with homosexuality. Most pedophiles are actually straight men.

      • Billy Says:

        Thanks Michael for replying. YES! I whole-heartedly believe in/know of the gay conspiracy, and that gays are influencing not only homosexuality, but also pedophilia. Homosexuality developes as a result of many different scenarios (psychological, chemical. etc). Media indoctrination is merely one method, but is not the initial one. Gays know that their dream of gay/pedophile heaven can’t become a reality with women around, but they need them at present as protection and mouthpieces. Removing women from this planet, absurd? Absolutely! But its not my dream/intention. You’ll have female friends, as I have gay friends. I don’t hate them. But what they r doing, has to stop. I could produce “mounds of literature” linking gays with pedophilia, as you can.., otherwise. County council figures however, state that something like 90% of known (convicted) pedophiles are not just gay, but gay men. There is a difference (Apparently gays also want to lump lesbians in, to take the blame and fight their battles). Most pedophiles are actually gay men. Thanks again for your reply.

      • Michael shur Says:

        I strongly suspect that your “mounds of evidence” comes from debunked sources because no one in the field holds your views.

    • Michael shur Says:

      Also, I don’t hate women, lol. My best friend is a woman. I just don’t fall in love with women,

      • billy Says:

        I strongly believe your “mounds of evidence” that say gay men & paedophilia are not linked, are 100% fabricated. Gays are not evil, mad or bad.., but insecure due to unjust and unacceptable levels of persecution. Liberation therefore won’t be enough for you. I believe that your actions via “media” editing, to brainwash society (mainly our children), to become depressed and subsequently suggestible to gay paedophilia, will, unfortunately lead to disastrous consequences for gay men. The gay moguls who run the fashion industries, brainwash our daughters to develop eating disorders (trying to match the skeletal rent-boy look). I’m not going to play the “no we’re not”, “yes you are”.. games. Up until now, society has been both ignorant and trusting of you. I just want you to consider what I’m saying very carefully. The majority want to share life with you, an ignorant minority doesn’t. We are spending billions in taxes to save you from dying of AIDS related illness, but how do you respond? With complete, utter and vile abuse of our minds, as I said, especially those of our children.

      • Michael shur Says:

        I don’t just have “mounds of evidence” on my side. I have all of science and psychology.

        I suppose there must be some sort of giant conspiracy there, too, right?

        Please, seek some professional help. You clearly have some have serious issues to work through.

  14. Billy Says:

    Just to clarify the point about women/girls adopting eating disorders. Since the late 1950s, those who own/run all the major fashion industries (gay men) have brainwashed our daughters to aspire to the hairless, skeletal rent-boy images. Their agenda (gay, pedophile heaven), can not be accomplished while there are women on this planet. Their multi million pound medical research into male child-birth, is not for nothing. Presently, the need women for protection and as mouthpieces. Every clip you’ll ever see in TV/film, fashion, etc, has been deliberately and meticulously edited by gay men, to depress us (mainly our children), leaving us suggestible to their own gay, pedophile influences. Trust me, anything else you’ll read here, will be completely deluding Bullsh*t, which they are totally dependent upon you being stupid enough to believe in.

  15. Don’t Ask What Gays Are Doing to the Military! « Sualma Says:

    […] I have commented previously, the gay agenda for America is insidious. It is not just gay “marriage” and […]

  16. Carley Says:

    this is FUCKING rediculous and people like you are the reason this world is so unjust and such a sad place for people to live. why do you care about homosexuals rights if your not homosexual. Why does it matter so much to people what we do as a gay community? if your not a part of it why do you care? tell me…

  17. Carley Says:

    also being gay is not a choice it is who you are. Ive been attracted to famales since i was four years old, i used to make my barbies live together and be married, not even knowing what gay was. If i where with a man i would be lying to myself and all thoose around me because it is impossible for me to be happy or love a man. So being gay might be a sin but lying is also. It is also a sin to judge, so all of you “christians” standing outside of homosexual events with pickett signs are hypocrites and are engaging in sin also.

  18. Billy Says:

    The Gay agenda is to rule the world, make no mistake about that. But to do so, they must be in control of the most powerful forces (those are the American and Chinese armies). Then they will destroy any country who oppose homosexuality, such as those in the middle east. Remember, heterosexuals are known to gays as the “enemy”. Shedding blood of their “enemy”, to destroy those who oppose homosexuality, will bother the gays NOT one bit. They already run the main influences, which are the TV, film, fashion industries. It seems nothing is going to stop them. NOTHING.

    • Michael shur Says:

      It’s time to take off the tin foil hat, Billy.

      Ever heard of Occam’s razor? Which do you think is the simplest answer for gays lobbying for equal rights:

      1 – there is a vast conspiracy to rule the world that involves eliminating all women from the planet

      2 – gays want equal rights

      Seriously, your comments would be funny if they weren’t so drenched in hate.

      • Billy Says:

        Michael, if I was to act upon hate, and not adult reasoning and understanding from your persecuted point of view, believe me, I’d be approaching things from an entirely different angle. As I said, I’m not going to play the.., “no we’re not”, “yes you are” games. I believe you know even more than I do about the gay agenda, and what you’ve been doing to all our minds. You have the choice to share this planet with us, but instead you choose abuse and control. Ignorance and trust of you, is now turning to outrage Michael. I really fear for you, and hope for your sake, that its not too late. Take care.

      • Billy Says:

        Sorry Michael, I forgot to answer your question regarding lobbying for equal rights. I’d go for No 2. If I were you, I wouldn’t say anything about your conspiracy to rule the world, indoctrinate our minds, eliminating women from the planet, etc.
        Do I believe in respect and equal rights for everybody..? Definitely!
        Gay Marriage..? Absolutely!
        For gay men to look after (“foster”) our children..?
        You’ve got to be joking!
        I’m not saying this from an obsessive religious point of view. I Don’t believe the bible was written by an all-knowing and caring God, but by deluded & insecure people, who felt the need to use/abuse the masses. I believe that honesty, respect and understanding is the only way forward Micheal. I genuinely wish you peace and happiness.

    • ric Says:

      Sir I hope you don’t live in God’s country the USA which a democracy founded by the homosexuals, the Greeks.

  19. hjhjiu Says:

    The number of gays just seems like it has risen enormousely over the last 50 yrs. They do not reproduce, but is it genetic, social, something in the water? What?

    Science should answer this question and then find a way to cure homosexuality.

    This is not because I care about who they have sex with, but because they are a threat to traditional families and gender roles. Gays are not natural in the sense that they are not the way people are standardly made.

    They should not be so vocal and allowed so many rights which they do not deserve. They contribute nothing to the world (not even children) but they take for granted what the heterosexual world has created and use it as their own.

    Homosexuality is an ego related disease as nothing else other than that individual and his pleasure exists.

    • billy Says:

      Our (every animal’s) sexual desires, fears, likes, dislikes… are recorded in our unconscious and are handed on to offspring. We (men) are attracted to women because our sexual feelings/desires were associated with female images, by our forefathers. As what happens with most animal species, alpha males and females get the pick of the (sexual) crop, so to speak. This often leaves a majority or minority with having to make do with what is available, often vulnerable adolescents of the same sex. This is recorded in our unconscious, and if there is pregnancy, even among female children, then these sexual recordings/desires are passed on. Voila.., homosexuals and paedophiles. It is not a mad or a bad choice, but influences from the hard-wiring of our minds.

      Gay men, know of this only too well, and are masters at re-associating our “desires” with male images in the media. The viewer records these male images, with our desires and voila.. gay offspring. This is the reason for the gay-baby boom, though rumour has it that they are also putting female hormones in our drinking water, but thats something for the law/scientists.

      Gays should not be hated nor generalised though. Some contribute to society what any other heteros (who can’t/don’t bare children) contribute. The gays who are the problem, are those who “work” in TV, film, fashion, etc, and have been committing crimes against humanity for decades now. Women are their main (and ignorant) protectors/mouthpieces, but at the same time, their main competition and obstacle to their agenda. A planet without women, would mean gay men would have the pick of the crop. Their strategies to eliminate women have to be so subtle, that you have to know what you are looking for, to recognise it. Tragic, but…..

      • ric Says:

        Women get raped every day, people get murdered every day, and genocide happens and you call this crimes against humanity? You are disgusting and have way to much time to think about dumb as shit.

  20. Cj Says:

    I don’t care what your sexual orientation is, however if gays want gay rights, then as a heterosexual male I should be entitled to straight rights. It seems as if I find homosexual activity gross nowadays then I’m likely to get crucified for it, however if a gay individual finds my sexual orientation gross, they are entitled to there opinion, and its respected. Where is the fairness in that?

    • Michael Says:

      You’re allowed to find me gross. It stings, but it your right.

      It is not your right to DENY ME MY RIGHTS.

  21. health Says:


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    […]Are Gays Taking Over America? « Sualma[…]…

  24. Noite Do Sexo Says:

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    […]Are Gays Taking Over America? « Sualma[…]…

  25. Todd Autman Says:

    The ignorance of today is the same ignorance when men controlled women believing them to be inferior , the same ignorance that enslaved Indians and blacks because whites considered them inferior , the same ignorance that caused wars believing Jews where the main culprits behind every bad thing that happened, the same ignorance that cost America a huge part of it’s economy when people blindly went against the unionist, the same ignorance that is killing billions of Muslims over a war a few men in power control, the same ignorance that caused Japan and China to murder and rape each other in a nasty war, the same Ignorance that Caused Hitler to burn the Jews, the same Ignorance that that made Japan think they where inferior to Americans and China and caused the first nuclear bomb to be made and to be used,

    As long as humans are ignorant and hold on to these ridiculous beliefs the more wars their are to come. People killing people, brothers and sisters killing brothers and sisters over a stupid belief. Humans need to realize that we are ALL people, all have children and a family that we fight for everyday to keep thriving in this already chaotic world, yet here we are breeding more conflict to throw out into this world. When will the human race ever realize this major flaw a fix it. Practice world peace,

    A man died a few days ago… he was abused and beaten nearly to death by the police…. He survived and wrote a book about his life, that people judged him yet never knew how he got their, He did not resist yet the police beat him black and blue, What caused this…HATE caused it…. his quote was “Can we all just get along…..please”

    Children are committing suicide believing that they are some how flawed, when it is not them… it is you that is flawed, how dare you judge people like that, that is one thing god told us not to do, yet people disregard that fact and only use the bible when it comes to promoting and getting what they want, yet you wonder why people are turning against religion all together, it is no longer about love, people are using it to exploit people.

    On an ending note, though shall not judge

  26. Scott Rolfsen Says:

    Actually I think Ellen DeGeneres’s wife is rather sexy. I know she wouldn’t go for dudes, but it’s pretty hot to see all those kinds of things. Ber in mind I don’t objectify women, I just like to see two of them grinding up on one another. If you are a man and seeing two women doesn’t…ahem, “affect” you, then your sexuality is questionable. Even if it were two guys, are these men rubbing up on you? No, they’re doing it to each other. Unless you feel personally involved I their intimacy. Perhaps interested in it.

  27. Bobby Handle Says:

    Great blog, I am total leftists economically obama is great. But, billy in particular makes good points. Gays think they are special, better than us. There is something dark about whats going on and black and white straight people are uniting against this threat but much of it is carried out by the unseen iluminati.

    • ric Says:

      hey I am gay, but I have no idea where this organization is at. Do you have a hint of where it’s at? I want in on this. I used to think that the Illuminati were so cool as a kid and now I find out that I may get to be a part of one!

      And it’s true I do believe that I am amazing, but I also believe my mom, brother, sister, cousins and dad are amazing as well so maybe I’m just different. Or maybe gay people feel good about themselves because they may have been rejected by their family, or kicked out of the house as a teenager, or isolated from the community because no one would like them if they knew they were gay and they have had to love themselves because no one else did at one point.

  28. That Guy Who Comments On Random Stuff Says:

    BIlly is such a troll

  29. Jason's dad Says:

    ok i am gay. i am 21. i have a two year old son. through surrogacy.
    i have a boyfriend of almost 6 years. i was there for my sons birth. i would never touch my son in any sexual way. nor any other children
    for you people to say that gay men are all pedophiles (and you are)
    as a father and a gay man i find that utterly repulsing. with that being said im into men not boys. big hairy men

    as for people saying being gay is a choice. i cant speak for anyone else but for me that is absolutely incorrect. i have known i was gay for almost all of my life, and i cant tell you how many times i wished i was straight. its people like you that make this country and world a bad place to live

    this is all i want to say i hope all of you have a good life

  30. Jason's dad Says:

    my past comment was for those who are bad mouthing the gay community in case it wasnt clear

  31. Nah Says:

    The gay and lesbian community is nothing but a nazi-minded organisation that is out to force us all to think their way, if we don’t, we are branded with fake non-psychologically accepted terms such as “homophobic”.

    The Nazi and Lesbian community are the biggest, thought police that has ever emerged out of the sewers of modern west.

  32. Emma Says:

    Most people know that gays have taken control of all the major media industries for good reason. In editing footage in TV, film, music, fashion, etc, they make sure not only that heterosexual desires are bombarded and replaced with male/child images, but everything we see/hear is distorted to the extent that the mind is structured to become clinically depressed, thus maintaining our suggestibility (especially our children’s). Gays see us as the enemy, and it must not be underestimated of what they are doing. Women are the main obstacle between gays and their targets (men/children), but they need to employ us and be extremely nice to us, otherwise they couldn’t use us for protection and mouthpieces.

  33. Jacob Says:

    Strong White Men are the only salvation of the USA.

  34. Don’t Support the Boy or Girl Scouts! | Sualma Says:

    […] been writing about this for years and my most read entry from a few years ago was called “Are Gays Taking Over America?”. At the time, I think people could not see what I was getting at but now it is so patently […]

  35. shutupandsmile Says:

    First off, great article. Second this is an article for people who find the take over of homosexuals disturbing. You can say I’m homophobic but what does that make you? Straitophobic? Gays can have their own opinions and so can straights.

  36. straight amercian Says:

    I feel sorry for gay people. When you all ge3t your way you will die out anyway. YOU CAN NOT REPRODUCE for a reason, man and women = babies. man+man=null, woman+woman=null. So go ahead and have your way, you will die out!

  37. Jenny Says:

    Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your
    site and in accession capital to assert that I get in fact enjoyed account
    your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment
    and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

  38. The Flash Says:

    All this gay stuff comes from WHORING heavy drugs and sex outside of marriage, when that happens people receive evil spirits. If you go out as a young person to bars looking for the opposite sex and wind up in the sack with someone involved with bi-sexuality or someone involved with the occult, and you didn’t know it …u received a evil backwards spirit.

    Many people in this generation have evil spirits and (don’t know it) that includes straight people..because of whoring and very few have repented. Others are polluted with evil spirits and r possessed and sleep around everywhere infesting more people…inside of those who r possessed, “{gay)”,many many r waiting to be freed from the grip of satan because they r possessed and there is nothing they can do about it, unless someone prays for them. Which very few do, because for whatever reason no one seems to understand.

    At the same time many gay people who r possessed secretly get involved with churches not telling people they r gay and end up wearing holy e tire….telling the people to except the gay life style blah blah blah and because so many people have very little faith, they will except whatever they r told to keep peace and for the good of humanity….which is a pile of crap!

    This a current list of accused priests the number of accused priests is beyond staggering!

    Many other churches have the same problem…a good church is far and wide between in this generation.

    If u were to look back in history, there was alot of gays in the early 1900′s and gay movies at theaters. In 1917 The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to children in a place called Fatima. She gave a warning that if people don’t repent God the Father will punish us by a world WAR…that happened, not just once but twice. When the wars was over, in the 40′s and 50′s was the cleanest time with many living with good morals. Divorce was taboo, the movies were clean and decent and people like my mom did not even know what a lesbian was until the 60′s.

    In the 60′s young people rebelled…heavy drugs, dirty feet and dirty bodies and hair…open sex ,orgies and whatever. The singer Cher was a part of that and tried a lesbian thing that she realized was not for her….the point is, she tried it! and got cursed for it, just look at her daughter or son…whatever this person is? that goes with many many others…it started back in the 60′s and many r cursed by it. There is even prophecy that the pope at that time stated “the smoke of satan has entered the church.

    Here’s something off the wall. The Lord has different ways of showing people stuff, if they r receptive. The rock star Alice Cooper was the first man to have a woman’s name .We all know how he flaunted sick images of all kinds in everyone’s face. Alice Cooper comes from a very strong long line of ordained Baptist Ministers and other preachers in his family. His father was a ordained Baptist Minister and the woman AC married, her father is also a ordained Baptist Minister.

    When he first came out IN 1968 0R 69 the majority of people hated his guts BIGTIME!…In LA people would buy tickets just to walk out….even when they came to see Jim Morrison and the Doors…they cleared the building empty when Alice Cooper took stage before the Doors.

    Within ten yrs after Alice Cooper …gay bars flourished in all major cities…men dressed like women and women dress like men…Everything u see when u look at Alice Cooper is what this generation is all about…total darkness. What people use to hate is now excepted as a normal thing. When AC chopped babies to pieces in front of the world…they didn’t realize it’s about them and the onslaught of abortions everywhere!…instead they would point the finger at AC and say your sick! when it’s really the whole generation that is sick.

    AC has never ever whored around, never divorced and he’s not covered in tatoo’s like everyone he is surrounded by.

    There is more to this, The Blessed Virgin has appeared everywhere around the world…VERY FEW LISTEN….there is a Great Warning coming to everyone…after the warning many will flock back to church not realizing many of the churches r sick. Soon after the warning the ANTI CHRIST will come out as a man of peace and per sway the people that gay is ok and preachers the current pope and governments, political people and many by the multitudes will agree with this anti christ…until he shows his full colors.

    When he shows his full colors, persecution of Christians will be alarming…..the same thing that everyone has seen at a Alice cooper concert…the hangings guillotines, electrocutions will happen in real life to many Christians and to those who will not take the mark of the beast…which will be a computer chip on the hand or forehead..

    It’s true…The Second Coming of Christ is right above us. It’s going to happen in our life time…once the Warning, then the anti christ for approx 3 and a half yrs…then The Second Coming.

    Only Catholic prophets r calling out about the Warning in the Christian world..all other Christians from different denominations….r putting flames to it because it comes from the Virgin Mary and only a few listen to her when she appears with messages for the whole world. Even many many Catholics today r against these messages of The Warning and Second Coming of Jesus.

    Because a whole pile of them r queer.

  39. Maya Says:

    What a idiot, sick of seeing this garbage and these same people claim America is a hate culture… yet you get on here and spread this crap about a whole group of people your low life self has never met, YET you think your opinion about their life and who they love matters. Grow up and get a job, you have to much free time on your hands to even write all this trash. Matter of fact move out of America, Russia is a gay hating country so move their and leave the rest of us in America alone.

    Your mind is so wrapped on your own puny lil world. Your puny lil experiences have you believing you know about the big picture, the wisest people know they know very little next to nothing. And you must accept that.

    • Elisa Wison Says:

      america is a hate culture, why do you deny the truth. They lie to the world with tv. I hope to never meet these assholes either. China owns america. Everything stamped made in china…not usa anymore…No you are wrong ,NOTHING I SAY MATTERS. I have moved out of homo loving usa since its soon gonna have one.USA kills off peace activists and civil rights people…since jfk j lennon to diana….50 yrs of assassinations…amerika supports communism…..TELL ME THIS IS A LIE and YOUR A FOOL….MADE IN CHINA IS SUPPORTING CHINA DUH… as for leaving amerika alone, i do…but it seems to pester me with idiots who cant think things through…your an idiot if you believe a LIE like” the wisest people know they know very little….BUT SURE KNOW HOW TO LIE AND MANIPULATE PEOPLE…LAWYERS…. i accept your a fool who is easily manipulated… straights vs gays….its coming…understand , from a scientfic field of study, if you gay , your messed in the head…from a population stand point of control, gays equal slower pop growth…psychologically…if your not getting the sex right…its a big sign your messed in the head.. GAY SOLDIERS RAPEING STRAIGHT MEN….USA TODAY… UNDERSTAND NORMAL HUMANS HAVE RIGHTS….SO DO GAYS BUT THEY ARE MESSED IN THE HEAD, cant tell a mans body, head thinks its a girl…NUTS…. being gay was a fad thats finally dieing out…. When i see a man in make up and a dress , they have gone ‘overboard’…round the bend…cookoo …would you not think a FARMER was NUTS for trying to get 2 BULLS TO BREED….would the bull not think the farmer was NUTS….The human race thinks its so smart and yet justifies stupidity… thats not too smart. hahahaha…2025 usa goes MILITARY RULE LIKE CHINA AND RUSSIA….CHINA OWNS THE CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL YOUR ECONOMY…YOUR GOV….YOUR MILITARY…but hey “you believe the lies that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OWN AMERICA…IF AMERICANS OWNED AMERICA, IT WOULD SAY MADE IN USA…..

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