“The Perfect Family” According to Hollywood

If you want proof that Hollywood hates traditional families and values, look no further than “The Perfect Family.” This movie has an all-star cast led by has-been Kathleen Turner. She plays a Catholic super-mom who helps at her church and is up for Catholic Woman of the Year. As a joke, Richard Chamberlain, another has-been actor and open homosexual, plays her priest. You will recall he was the sexually active priest in “The Thorn Birds” a generation ago. Anti-Catholicism has indeed been a staple of the elites for a long time.

Mom is desperate to win the award which promises absolution for all her past sins. Hollywood really doesn’t understand Catholicism, which they see as hocus-pocus. They could not be further from the truth but they revel in their ignorance which they trumpet on movie screens from coast to coast.

While this movie is not in wide circulation, it is one that has been warmly received by critics and has a big name cast. If you replace the characters described below with homosexuals or Muslims behaving badly, there would be no critical acclaim or celebrity participation. Funny how that happens.

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(Source: RottenTomatoes.com)

So I have kept you in suspense long enough. What makes this movie anti-Catholic and reprehensible?

  • Mom is old-fashioned in her thinking (practicing Catholic) and in fact admits to not thinking. How could a thinking person believe in Catholicism? That is what Hollywood believes. So imagine them making a movie that portrays Muslims negatively. They value their botoxed heads too much.
  • Her husband is an alcoholic.
  • Her daughter is  a pregnant lesbian who plans to get married to her partner.
  • Her son dumped his wife and family to commit adultery with a Protestant woman.

This resembles a typical Hollywood family minus the practicing Catholic mother. But to mock her, she needs to represent what the elites believe a traditional Catholic to be: ignorant and intolerant.

The movie is said to be about tolerance, but as the Catholic League points out, the tolerance is of deviancy, not of traditional Catholic values. Mom needs to get with the program and see that her family is right and she is wrong.

I ask again, would Hollywood leftists makes a movie that showed homosexuals in a bad light, as fools who need to change their ways? Or would a traditional Muslim mother be shown as stupid while her lesbian daughter, drunk husband and cheating son are shown as enlightened?

I am sure you can see that film being made and shown in theaters. Yes, very possible in our modern world.

So, it goes without saying that I will not see this movie. I read enough reviews to make me sick. Hollywood being Hollywood means we need to avoid rewarding them for insulting us. But this kind of film does shed light on what we who claim the culture is a cesspool have been saying. Normal people will recognize this for what it is and will hopefully open their eyes.

We have lost the culture and this is a reminder. We need to live good lives and do our part to get the culture back.

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