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Rob Astorino for Governor of New York


The era of people named Cuomo running the great state of New York into the ditch must come to an end. We need an honest, experienced, decent man as the next governor and the Republicans have selected such a person as the nominee, Rob Astorino, the Westchester County Executive.

He is the stereotypical conservative, Republican who wants to cut spending and lower taxes. He has a proven track record. More importantly, what makes him more unusual, especially in the liberal northeast, is that he is unabashedly pro-life and pro-marriage (I don’t want to call it traditional marriage anymore since so-called same-sex marriage is not marriage).

Why is this important? Governor Andrew Cuomo spearheaded the legislation that changed the definition of marriage in New York so that two men or two women could get the state’s blessing on their union. He made this a priority even while the economy was in turmoil. He showed his true colors, which unfortunately endeared him to wealthy Republicans who shared the same “values”.

In terms of abortion, Cuomo is a radical on the order of President Obama. He is running not just as a Democrat but also as a women’s “rights” champion on the Women’s Equality Party line. In fact, he has been proposing a women’s “equality” bill that would promote abortion even more. He stars in a commercial for the women’s party (which does not represent thinking females like me) where his live-in honey talks about “choice” (aka killing babies) and his three daughters repeat liberal, feminist nonsense including women having an income disparity with men. A known lie.

Do we want to get the state back on track or do we want to continue to be a forum for radical liberal experiments?

Why does Cuomo want to please the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights crowd? I believe he accepts their agenda and they are generous donors. Remember his comment about pro-lifers (which would include practicing Catholics by definition) needing to leave the state? Wouldn’t it make more sense for decent people to send this career politician packing?

I am not even getting to the corruption of Albany and the scandal involving the Moreland Commission. Cuomo may be indicted during his second term if re-elected.

Astorino would provide a fresh start. What does he stand for? This man, who is also on the Conservative Party and StopCommonCore Party lines due to his good positions on the issues, wants to reform the state’s economy so it is conducive to job growth. Despite what Obama and Cuomo say, there has been no recovery unless one is already very, very rich. The working class and the middle class continue to suffer. The answer is not high taxes and reckless spending and excessive regulations. Astorino favors old-fashioned pro-growth policies. Get the government out of our lives and let the people prosper!

Astorino also opposes Common Core, which is an educational disaster that impedes proper education of our youth, which should be handled locally. We do not need the federal government to pressure the states into a uniform program for all children everywhere. This is especially true where Common Core makes learning harder for kids.

Another key plank of the Astorino program is to restore ethics to a corrupt state bureaucracy, including by his advocating for much-needed term limits. He wants to take on both Democratic and Republican corruption. The Republicans are not supporting him as they should so he is not beholden to them. Maybe their abandonment will turn out to be a good thing if the people of the state of New York decide they want real change.

On November 4, we need to end the reign of King Andrew and elect a man who can bring positive change to our beloved state.

An Open Letter to Cardinal Dolan About Gays in the St. Pat’s Parade


Your Excellency:

I was shocked and disturbed to hear that the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), which as an Irish Catholic organization runs the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, has changed its policy of not allowing political advocacy groups march under their own banner starting in 2015.

While any person–gay, straight–could march in the parade as individuals in order to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of New York, certain groups, notably the endlessly activist homosexuals, demanded to march under their own pro-gay banner.

Pro-lifers were not allowed to march and the Catholic Church is undeniably and unquestionably pro-life. Did they complain? No, of course not. The parade is not about celebrating the worthy pro-life cause. It is about celebrating a famous saint who is dear to the Irish people.

But gays, whose activities and lifestyles when practiced violate Church teaching, demanded inclusion under their own banner allegedly as inclusion but really to undermine Catholicism’s clear teaching on sodomy.

They want it normalized and celebrated. The rest of society has been capitulating but the bulwark against this ceaseless attack on traditional morality, on which society is based, is the Catholic Church. Which is why the homosexual activists try to silence and intimidate the Church.

Up to now they have not been successful. The Church cannot and has not and will not change her teaching on sexual activity, which is reserved for one man and one woman who are married to each other.

Quaint to certain people, bigoted to the intolerant elites, but true nonetheless.

While this action by AOH, short-sighted as it is, is not the same as abandoning the Church’s principled position, it does sew confusion among the faithful–and everyone else. What will people think when they see practicing homosexuals marching under their own banner in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade? They will think that the Church isn’t really opposed to sodomy. It is like artificial birth control, which priests know that most of the female flock are using despite being a mortal sin. They never condemn it anymore even though officially the Church opposes it. I believe the reason that the overwhelming number of Catholic women contracept is that they don’t think it is really a sin.

It will be the same for homosexuals, who could be pardoned for thinking that sodomy isn’t that big a deal if their brethren can march in a parade honoring a Catholic saint.

All of this is unnecessary. John Cardinal O’Connor, one of the greatest archbishops New York ever had, was a man of integrity and faith. The Catholic Church provided care for homosexuals with AIDS in the early 1980s (as it still does) yet when then-Mayor Edward Koch, with whom he was friends, tried to force the Church to violate her beliefs, O’Connor said no and threatened to close down the treatment facilities rather than violate the faith.

O’Connor did not back down. Koch did.

That was not that long ago.

Cardinal Dolan, stand up for what is right and don’t capitulate. Please reverse this decision. There is no discrimination here. Any gay can march as an Irishman. He just cannot march advocating sin. Nor can any heterosexual.

If you as the leading Catholic cleric in this country will not stand for the Church’s teachings, who will?

I pray daily for all priests and bishops to be personally holy and to teach clearly the Catholic faith to a world that does not even know the truth. I know you are a holy man but I question if you are being clear in letting the world know what the Church teaches and why. The ones that suffer from confusion and who thus fall into sin are the ones hurt, both straight and gay. Catholics must always fight for the truth with love.

Sincerely, Sualma, an Irish-American New York Catholic

The Pope, the President and the Photos: Don’t Be Fooled by the Smiles!


The media made a big deal about the inaugural meeting between His Holiness Pope Francis and President Barack Obama. It was a meeting between the most popular leader on earth with the former most popular leader. The upside for Obama is that having a photo of him with the Holy Father may lead non-practicing Catholics to conclude that the pope supports the president’s agenda. The downside for practicing Catholics is that the media and many of the American people will act as though the pope is on Team Obama. After all, if the Church really opposes Obama’s promotion of abortion and gay marriage and his administration’s attacks on religious liberty, why would the pope meet with him or be seen smiling with him?

I would not meet with the president but I am not the pope. He believes in outreach and he is a world leader meeting with another leader. The pope was not endorsing Obama’s plan for this country. In fact, according to the Vatican, the pope and the president discussed issues of concern to the American Church including religious liberty. Recall that the Supreme Court just heard the case of religiously motivated corporations which demand that their First Amendment rights not be abridged by the contraception mandate buried within Obamacare.

The pope’s version of events differs from the administration’s. It seems that the pope used the meeting as an opportunity to defend life and religious freedom. The pope gave his latest encyclical, The Joy of the Gospel, to the president to read. Having read the encyclical, I know if Obama bothers to peruse it that he will find it educational and informative. It is the pope’s vision for the Church and the world based on the teachings of Jesus, Whom Obama claims to worship along with millions of other Americans.

Interestingly, I saw numerous statements in the encyclical that were previously attributed to the pope which in context did not have the same impact as when they were taken out of context. The pope is trying to get the world back to the values of Christendom. It involves a balancing of individual rights and community obligations. In America we have taken to extremes with liberals swinging toward socialism and communism, which the Catholic Church has always condemned, and the libertarian-conservatives becoming intensely individualistic at the expense of their fellow neighbor.

This is yet another reason why the federal government should not be getting involved in that which is beyond the powers granted to it in the U.S. Constitution. It is conservative Catholics who have it right. We believe in individual rights but they are balanced by our obligations to our fellow man. I think the pope understands that as have all popes. We have the right to support ourselves and our family but we have duties toward the less fortunate. But our acts must be voluntary since we have free will and should be motivated by our faith, not by government compulsion.

When government gets involved, it gets it wrong since our current state of polarized politics trumps our historical values as a nation. The ascendancy of some groups should not lead to the violation of the rights of less popular Americans under the First Amendment. This is why the right of a Catholic business not to provide a wedding cake to a homosexual couple should be respected. And why people of faith who know that some forms of birth control can be abortifacients should not have to violate their consciences because some women want to spend money on their lattes and iPhones instead of on their monthly pills.

I hope that the president is humble enough to learn from the pope and that he reads the encyclical. I also hope the American people are not fooled by the photo-op into thinking the pope has given the president his blessing on his war on Christianity. I am sure Francis prays for Obama since he is concerned that the most free nation on earth is losing its way. No smile can change that but prayer and repentance can.

Ash Wednesday & CPAC: Religion Trumps Politics


After going the last two years, I decided to go to CPAC again. It starts tomorrow and I bought my ticket before I realized that my travel day is Ash Wednesday, a day where people identify as Christians, usually Catholic, by going to church and having ashes–representing our mortality–placed on our foreheads as a call to repentance.

It is the beginning of the holy season of Lent, where we are called to pray, fast and sacrifice in preparation for our celebration of the holiest and most important day of the year, Easter Sunday.

This is what life is all about or should be all about for anyone who claims to be Christian. We follow Christ and so we don’t follow the crowd. Unless that crowd is repenting on its way from Mass. Unlikely these days.

God created us for a reason and He wants us to follow Him. He does not follow trends, or the crowd, or what is popular or easy. No one said being a Christian is easy. Back in the day when the majority identified as Christian it was easier than it is now. Overt acts of Christianity are met with hostility–think Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech at the Oscars thanking God–in certain quarters. That makes a day like today all the more special because–unlike a Hollywood actress declaring she is a lesbian–it takes real courage to walk among family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and enemies with ashes on one’s forehead, acknowledging one’s sinfulness.

What used to be a call to repentance is now taking a stand and a call to action that we need to witness our faith. Publicly and privately. That does not mean we are imposing our faith the way liberals impose regulations. No, we live as Christ calls us to live. And not just in actions, but in speech.

This brings me to CPAC. Two years ago I came to see the candidates when I thought we had a chance to defeat President Obama. Last year I came for words of encouragement as I was still recovering from the election. Now I come, somewhat reluctantly, to hear words that won’t for the most part be followed up by actions. And in fact I fear the words may not be ones that I want to hear.

It seems to me that many of our so-called conservative, mostly Christian leaders are more beholden to their perceived (special) interests than they are to God or even their constituents or the Constitution. I enjoy a good speech as much as the next conservative, but it rings hollow after awhile as we see our side losing and not even trying.

Politics is just a means to an end, but the end is what matters, which is living our faith and doing God’s will. Politics and power are the not goals but tell that to the speakers. They say the right things but their motives seem to be keeping their contributors happy–whether it’s the businessmen who want an ill-conceived immigration plan passed over reasonable objections or the countless members of the gay lobby who want our leaders to drop their moral opposition to gay marriage.

Calling what homosexuals do marriage is the civil rights issue of our time but not in the way the libertarian-leaning conservatives think. It is an issue where religious freedom should reign supreme. People of faith have the right to live their lives in accord with their consciences. That is in the First Amendment. There is no right in the Constitution to sodomy and no right to call two men cohabitating marriage. Unless it is next to the non-existent right to abortion that liberals love so much.

Despite this nation being founded on Christian principles, our right to exercise our religion is being eroded and pushed indoors as we are told not to proclaim our faith and keep it personal. While homosexuals can demand we respect and even celebrate their sodomy, we must never impose our beliefs. The usual double standard.

I hope CPAC does not disappoint and that the leaders and groups realize that politics must serve faith, not the other way around. Whatever we accomplish in the political arena must be for the glory of God, not for the advancement of an ideology. When we take God out of our lives, we are left with the kind of ruin we see this country in today.

How We Are Giving Away Our Freedom


I was just taking the PATH train in New Jersey and was shocked at all the ads plastered across the train for New Jersey online poker. The signs trumpeted the players becoming millionaires.

This is just sad. Very few will become millionaires but how many will lose their money–probably money they don’t have–and waste hours of time chasing a big jackpot?

Like the periodic mega-jackpots run by the state lotteries. It leads to dreams–unrealistic fantasies really–that go unfulfilled but empty one’s wallet. I buy the tickets myself but I can afford to do so.

And I also know I am unlikely to win. I foolishly hope but within reason.

Worse than these delusion-inducing activities is the greater distraction that is the new pot legalization movement. Young and old people are embracing the notion that marijuana is a positive, harmless drug that is arguably better for people than alcohol or cigarettes.

Putting aside the fact that this is not true, what is most troubling to me is, having recently re-read Brave New World, that people want to escape reality by altering their mental status. When one is high, one puts others at risk. Maybe even worse, one loses the ability to make sound decisions.

You wonder why the government is suddenly going lax on drugs? A doped-up populace is docile. Like soma, the drug that helped the people in the Brave New World to cope with their bland existence and lack of freedom, stoned people are compliant, complacent and controllable.

They won’t question how almost 92 million people–1 in 4 Americans–are out of work while the unemployment rate keeps falling. Yes, we are told the unemployment rate is now 6.7%–keep in mind that 6% is considered full employment–yet so many people are out of work, unable to find work, discouraged from seeking work and underemployed.

A drugged population only cares about Kim Kardashian’s latest outfit or who wins the big game.

And where do they see Miss Kim’s latest fashions? On their smartphones and other gadgets.

Perhaps the worst thing and one of the best on some level is the internet and the ability to communicate. While our devices have up to now brought us freedom, in the long run I believe they will enslave us.

How many times have you seen people not look where they are going–walking or in a car–because they are texting?

How many times have you seen two people out together but worlds apart, each on his own phone?

How often have you experienced being lost in some pointless article online while you should be working or paying attention to your family?

This may seem harmless now but the point with all these things is that they distract us from what is going on in the world and engaging in it. Knowing what our politicians are doing and opposing that which is a threat to our liberty should be our focus.

Isn’t it more important to know how our leaders are spending our money than to know the latest sports score?

Isn’t it crucial to be educated about our history so we can pass it on to our children and they can pass it on to theirs?

Wouldn’t it be better if we spent as much time studying math and civics as we do with our eyes glued to the screen?

We have become so self-absorbed–hooked on drugs, gambling, entertainment and don’t get me started on the dangers of porn!–that nothing outside ourselves interests us anymore. Our freedom is being eroded–think the HHS mandate, gay marriage being forced on unwilling states, the NSA spying on us while we use our devices–and we don’t care. There is no march on Washington. There is barely an angry letter to the editor.

Our freedom does not have to be taken from us forcibly. We are letting it go to engage in what we believe is more important–feeding our narcissism.

Christians Under Attack


We are now in the Christmas season. Despite the world moving on, getting ready for a new year, declaring Christmas over on December 25, we Christians know that Advent prepared us for our current joyous Christmas season, a distinct period that extends into the coming year.

Despite our cause for joy because Jesus was born to set us free and to save us, we in the West have failed to protect our Christian heritage and in the non-Western world Christians are under physical attack because they do believe.

On Christmas day the latest blatant attack on our brethren took place in Iraq. Christians were killed while they were worshipping our God. This is a common but underreported occurrence. We Americans don’t know and don’t care about our fellow Christians. We are united to our fellow countrymen but we have lost the bond that cemented Christendom for centuries.

Our identity as American Christians has also been diluted. We are Christians but we don’t act like it, at least not publicly. Many of us go to church and even pray but we don’t proclaim our Christian faith to the world. We are embarrassed; we want to be normal like everyone else. And the person next door has been brainwashed into keeping his faith hidden. We live fully secular lives, only allowing our faith out of the closet on Sundays.

It has been a disaster for us personally and as a society. From the banning of prayer in the public schools in the 1960s to the atheist attempts to ban celebration of Christmas in the public square today, our society has shrugged off its public embrace of our Christian roots. The results? Can we honestly say our society is any better than it was half a century ago? In fact, we are markedly worse. Our culture is coarse, rude, vulgar and a frightful place to raise a child.

In term of the personal, one cannot turn on a TV or walk down the street in a place like New York without seeing images that undercut our moral values and which further undermines our ability to live out our Christian faith. From the administration to the media to Hollywood, the elite has made it clear that our beliefs regarding abortion, birth control and gay marriage are less important than alleged women’s and homosexuals’ rights.

We are being silenced. We have been silent so long in letting our faith take a backseat to being ordinary, mass-media-influenced Americans that we have allowed our faith, our very identity as Christians, to become marginalized. We now are losing our ability to practice our faith and silence is being forced on us. What we don’t protect, we lose. What was a poor choice is now becoming mandated.

When photographers and bakers are ordered to violate their consciences and provide services for same-sex weddings, we know our failure to proudly live our faith has now threatened our very rights under the First Amendment. The same is true with Christians being forced to provide artificial contraception and sterilization under Obamacare, which is being challenged in the courts. Our silence is destroying us. Threats of being called bigots have frightened us into complacency and denial of what our beliefs truly are.

Thankfully, men like Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame express their faith and are unafraid (even if his expression was a little rough around the edges). The liberal elites tried to silence him but he and other Christians spoke up. This may be a turning point if all Christians start acting like Christians advocating for our beliefs and for our brothers and sisters abroad. We may lose our culture but other Christians are at risk of losing their very lives. The time to speak is now. Let’s embrace our First Amendment rights of religion and speech before they are suppressed or even just further compromised.

How Is Our Freedom Faring in 2013?


I was reading my post last year on freedom on Independence Day and was thinking about the state of our liberty one year later. Needless to say, things have gotten worse over the last 12 months.

First, the American people have chosen to continue on the destructive path of reckless spending, dependency, and delusion. We are led to believe that calling something marriage which is not marriage is freedom. And that free contraception is freedom. But these are distractions from our real loss of liberty.

We have found out that the government is monitoring our phone calls, Internet searches and credit card transactions. This is the kind of invasion of our privacy that in the past would have led to people marching in the streets in protest, calling our elected officials and voting them out if they didn’t take action.

Instead of stories on where in the world is Edward Snowden, where is the media expressing its outrage over government spying? They save all their passion for the latest person to come out of the closet. Always an act of bravery to the fawning media.

Between the so-called gay rights agenda and our national obsession with the salacious lives of ultimately unimportant celebrities–be it Paula Deen, Alec Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, et al–we are a nation of easily distracted people who don’t understand that our preoccupations with the trivial permit those who rule us to transform our country. Without our noticing and without our objections.

When we finally wake up–if we do–will we realize that the 4th of July is no longer a remembrance of our freedom but just a day off from work to go to the beach and eat hot dogs and drink beers? And I say that not because that is what it should be, but that is what it is.

If people still think Independence Day has meaning, it is for the wrong reasons. We are told freedom is sodomy and unlimited sex without consequences. But freedom is not, cannot be these things. True liberty provides the freedom to do what is right, not engage in self-indulgence. Our freedoms are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, but they have been under attack. If we don’t speak up, they will be gone and all we will have is our newly-granted right to sodomy.

That is not going to protect us the way true freedom does. If nothing else, I hope Americans learn to distinguish between freedom and falsity. I’m not optimistic but I am praying.

Fortnight of Freedom: Our Liberty Is at Stake


While most people are thinking about vacations and barbecues this time of year, the Catholic bishops are calling us to gear up for Independence Day by spending the next two weeks, starting on June 21, educating ourselves and others about our precious religious freedom. The event is called Fortnight of Freedom.

This may be one of the last opportunities to tell the truth without fear of reprisals. With the upcoming decision from the Supreme Court about gay marriage looming and the implementation of the HHS mandate on August 1, the atmosphere is growing ever more hostile toward people of faith.

Did you even know about these developments? If you are an average American, you probably more know about Jodi Arias than about your very freedom.

So we need to educate ourselves and contact our public officials and the media about the issues that concern us. Issues which should concern all of us as Americans.

Those who don’t believe in religious freedom may think it is acceptable to have selective enforcement of the Bill of Rights. But, recall the old poem from Martin Niemoller about what led to the Holocaust in Germany:

First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

We need to stand up for our rights and impress upon others that the preservation of one group’s rights protects the rights of all. Conservative Tea Party members may be the targets of the IRS today and Catholics may be targeted by the administration tomorrow, but all of us are vulnerable if we run afoul of some government bureaucrat’s ideology.

Most of all, we need to pray and repent. Without God, we are nothing. Without Him, our freedom cannot endure. We need to rely on Him and ask His assistance. Otherwise those who wish to take our freedom will succeed. Liberty, like life, is a precious gift that must be protected and valued.

A Good Week and a Bad Week in the Culture War


While the Obama scandals have been at the forefront of the news this week, there were several other stories that speak to the real state of our union. They concern the culture war, which we have been losing and losing badly for over a generation. The scandals will end with no damage to the administration as quickly as they started. While detrimental, what has been destroying us is the steady, and now accelerating, erosion of our once-great culture.

I will start with the bad news that should shock average Americans. The more serious story features a jury making a damage award to a former Catholic school teacher, who was terminated by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for becoming pregnant via artificial insemination. The Catholic Church teaches that this is a grave sin. In doing this, she violated a contract she signed wherein she agreed to abide by Church teachings even though she is not Catholic and is in fact a lesbian.

This case is outrageous, especially in light of the attacks by the administration on religious freedom, including the HHS mandate. But, even by itself this is disturbing. Would a Muslim institution be forced to hire women who would not comply with their strict clothing requirements? Would an Orthodox Jewish school be prevented from terminating a teacher who would not comply with their dietary requirements on the campus? The answers are obvious.

For religious freedom to mean anything, people and institutions need to be able to live in accord with their consciences and beliefs. If juries and courts and popular opinion are not disposed to protect our liberty, then we have a real and frightening problem.

The other disturbing story involved a former Navy Seal who has now come out as a transgender living as a woman–and an unattractive one at that! (They always are unattractive, aren’t they?)

This idea that sexuality is one’s master to the point of changing from one sex to another is becoming more acceptable. It is neither good for the nation, already so compromised by an obsession with unnatural sex, nor for the emotionally disturbed people who think that they are not male or female as they were born. While this is still uncommon, the glorification of people like the Navy Seal is meant to further normalize the abnormal and to breakdown traditional society. Already in tatters though it is.

On the other hand, there are still signs of hope and we need to cling to them. There are still brave people whose heroism needs to be lauded. First, there is the former professional football player who refused to meet the president when his team was honored at the White House for winning the Super Bowl. Why did he turn down such an honor? Because he could not be congratulated by a man who said recently that God should bless Planned Parenthood, which kills thousands upon thousands of babies each year in their lucrative abortion business. Why would anyone want God to bless that? Or think that He would? Who would want to be honored by such a man?

While the majority of the team didn’t care or didn’t care enough about the unborn but just wanted to celebrate their victory, this brave man took a stand and did what is morally right. And he spoke out about it.

The other heartwarming story concerns the valedictorian at a South Carolina–where else?–high school who ripped up his speech and instead prayed the Lord’s Prayer, which he was prohibited from doing since an occasional atheist might complain. Yes, we must cater to every sexual deviant and to every atheist at the expense of the God-fearing majority, who normally are silent and accepting. But not this young man. He believes in God and he wanted to use this opportunity as the most accomplished student at his school to thank Him for His help and guidance and love.

His fellow students cheered. They want to honor their beliefs. In only a few generations we went from a society that acknowledged God in the classroom to forbidding the mention of His name. This is not diversity, but madness, especially when we see that we went from a good society to one that has lost its way.

We went from a nation that valued religious freedom, traditional morality, and life from conception until natural death to a society where perversion is normal and life has no meaning except for instant gratification. These stories show the battle we are fighting and its grave importance for reclaiming our nation. We need fewer self-absorbed people who only care about their own interests and more heroic souls who seek to do God’s will. Which is what we are all called to do.

Rand Paul Pays Homage to Constitution


I am often depressed about the direction the country is taking. The Republicans barely qualify as opposition. The leadership is weak and mute. Democrat-lite while real Democrats destroy this great nation.

But something extraordinary happened this week. A mild-mannered, slight man, a senator, but a gentle-sounding person, Rand Paul filibustered the nomination of the next CIA director.

Not to stop the confirmation of John Brennan, which was not ideal but was a foregone conclusion, but to shed light on the issue of the use of drones to kill American citizens on American soil.

Attorney General Eric Holder refused to answer a simple question about whether the administration thought it was constitutional to take the life of an American citizen on American soil without due process of law.  After Sen. Paul’s half-day filibuster, Holder finally admitted that the government does not have the right to target and kill American citizens in the United States.

While the answer was a victory, although not one to be trusted considering the source, what really matters is what one man could do. Paul was able to bring such an important issue to the attention of millions. He told the truth. He did his job. He didn’t back down.

We should all be grateful.

And we now know who can be trusted on our side as a result of the filibuster. Several old, institutional, perhaps in need of being institutionalized, Republican elders denounced Rand Paul. They might as well be Democrats and they need to be voted out. At this point we are better off having real Democrats instead of fake ones (RINOs) in office so we know who our enemies are.

No question that we are betrayed by fake Republicans all the time. Without them the Dems could not get as far as they do.

We need 99 more Pauls in the Senate. We need a House full of him.

Instead of capitulating and becoming Democrat-lite, the Republicans should elect more Tea Party types like Paul. Promote them and respect them. They represent real Americans.

We need to let our leaders know we want more Paul and less McCain. Time for the good old boys to retire and let the Pauls of the world–who actually love the country and want to protect it–get back to the business of governing this country pursuant to the Constitution and not a liberal agenda.


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