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60 Minutes’ Hatchet Job on Church…Again


I saw that liberal and biased 60 Minutes was interviewing Boston’s archbishop, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a Franciscan who is friends with our Holy Father. I taped it and then watched and then screamed.

Liberal and biased reporter Norah O’Donnell, displaying the attitude of the anti-Catholic media, asked an apparently willing O’Malley a series of obnoxious questions which mostly focused on the sex abuse scandal, which is now a non-issue. I hate to break it to her (and him) but the scandal is long over. Most of the abuse happened up to a half century ago and there are very few incidents reported anymore despite the grasping plaintiffs’ attorneys who are desperate to make a buck.

The same cannot be said about the Orthodox Jewish community or New York City public schools. Rarely is there an expose about their sex abuse scandals.

O’Malley’s accomplishments in addressing the abuse scandal’s fallout over a decade ago may be commendable. I can see why he wanted to talk about it back in the day. But why he would want to answer questions and why the reporter would ask them in 2014 when there is no acute problem is mystifying. Except that we know CBS and O’Donnell have an agenda.

How do I know? I can tell from Ms. O’Donnell’s other impertinent questions. She asked if not allowing women to become priests was “immoral”. Immoral? Let her ask an imam whether women and men praying in different rooms of the mosque is sexist and thus immoral. She doesn’t have an axe to grind against the Muslims and she values her pretty head, which she positioned frequently in that condescending way where we she shows her disdain for the Church.

She, like O’Malley, seems eager for the Church to change. Newsflash: dogma cannot change. Truth is truth. If they don’t believe, they need to find a door to make their exit.

Examples of their misguided views are the questions on the Vatican’s treatment of liberal nuns which O’Malley thinks is offensive and whether women can be ordained as priests.

O’Malley struggled but eventually got out the right answer. God became man in Jesus Christ. God chose to only have men be priests in the image of His Son. Not women. That does not mean we who are women are unequal. It just means that God chose men to be eligible to be priests. The implication of the questions was that the Church is sexist and discriminatory. It is not true but don’t tell that to O’Malley.

As he struggled, he ended his statement by saying that God founded His Church with only men being able to be priests. However, perhaps to placate O’Donnell or perhaps because he feels this way or both, he said if he were founding a church, he would let women be priests. Yes, that is right–he is disagreeing with God Himself!

While liberals, especially in the media, are obsessed with the Church changing, they will be forever disappointed. God through His Son, Jesus Christ, established the Church as is. Jesus is Truth and there is no changing the Truth to suit the fashion of the times. Why O’Malley–and I hope this was the result of editing–would think he could improve upon God’s design is shocking and disappointing, especially since he claims to be best friends with our beloved but confounding pope.

Where is Cardinal Burke when you need him? 60 Minutes should interview him to learn the truth. Unfortunately, they are not interested.

Sodomy, Like Artificial Contraception, Is Sinful: Sorry, Libs!


I am sick of reading articles by various religion reporters who think that spinning discussions by the Pope and the bishops about issues concerning the family and sexuality as progressive–as they define the word–may lead to changes long-desired by liberals.

It is not going to happen. The Catholic Church cannot change her teachings which have been given to us by God. Truth is Truth and, despite the modern attempts to undermine what is true, Truth is immutable. What liberals can achieve–and where they have been successful over the last half-century–is sowing confusion.

The best example is Humanae Vitae, which is the 1968 Church encyclical that clearly and brilliantly explains the Church’s teachings on sexuality and reiterates the Church’s ban on artificial contraception. Prior to issuing the encyclical, the pope had asked for recommendations from the Pontifical Commission on Birth Control (including liberal theologians), the majority of whom foolishly advocated for allowing artificial birth control. The Pope, who on matters of faith and morals is infallible, correctly explained why this was bad for women and the world.

Subsequent events have proven him right.

Unfortunately, between the failure of priests to condemn this sin from the pulpit and society’s escalating sexual revolution, the vast majority of Catholics do not follow the Church’s teaching to their own detriment. In thinking they are free, these people, many of whom identify as practicing Catholics while they violate Church teaching, are actually slaves to their sexual desires. Many of these same Catholics can control their desire to overeat or abuse alcohol and drugs, but every sexual urge must be satisfied! This leads to disease, unwanted pregnancy, heartbreak, abortion and a dissolution of morals that undermines the very fabric of our lives and culture.

This societal deterioration in the name of freedom is not enough for the liberal elites who want to further destroy the family by the continuing attack on marriage through advocating so-called same-sex marriage. They know that the Church will not marry two men but they want to weaken the Church’s clear teaching by making it about individual rights of homosexuals.

The Church, as evidenced by the Catechism, is clear in her teaching: love the sinner, but hate the sin. Every person can be saved and every person is loved by God. We have to repent of our sins, however, and not celebrate them. Whatever discussions theologians and possibly well-intentioned bishops may have about the treatment of homosexuals in the Church, they must make it clear that the teaching is correct and is itself loving.

Telling someone their sin is not a sin only hurts that person because he will not feel the need to repent. Much like the contracepting women who attend Mass each week and receive the Eucharist, they will think that they are making spiritual progress when they are actually condemning themselves.

God does not send us to Hell; we make the choice by committing but then not repenting of mortal sin. We choose our pleasure over His law. To the extent priests and bishops say nothing and let people marinate in their sin, they too will face judgment. All of this is not socially acceptable to say, I know, but that does not make it untrue, only unpopular.

If the Church loves homosexuals, as well as all people, then the Church will continue to preach the truth, ever more loudly, in a world that is openly hostile to anything that deprives it of fleeting pleasures. In addition to having the correct teachings in the Catechism, the Church’s leaders need to proclaim the truth by not being afraid of the liberal elites. They don’t judge us in a meaningful way but God will judge us all when our time comes.

Do we want to be Christians or politically correct? Do we want to be clear and virtuous or confused and led astray? The answer comes down to whether we want to go to Heaven or Hell. Truth doesn’t change so we had better repent–as must our leaders whose silence has contributed to the sorry condition we are in today.

Stephen Hawking: Another Angry Atheist


I have seen an article the last few days where well-respected scientist Stephen Hawking confirmed what many have thought: he is an atheist. As a famous scientist, he is considered an authority. To me he may be an authority in physics but that does not make him a theologian or a wise man.

The media like his conclusion so they trumpet his pronouncement as if it is divine. And definitive.

Ultimately, who is he? Being a scientist does not make him God. In fact, I see him as another angry atheist. He may be smarter in some ways than the average atheist. But that does not mean that his unverifiable statements are true. The reality is that science does not completely explain the universe which has many mysteries. Whether the Big Bang or some other theory is accepted for the birth of the world, the question remains: Who set it all in motion?

I have never heard an answer to that besides God that makes sense. Hawking’s assertions about the provability of science does not negate the existence of God. It is arrogant of him to think so. He also says science and religion are at war which is absurd. Faith and reason go hand in hand as the Church has always taught. If you want to learn more about this, I recommend a good book by Rodney Stark called The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism and Western Success.

If Mr. Hawking is so convinced that science is the answer, then his speculation about aliens seems rather unscientific. And liberal if he really thinks that the aliens, if they exist, should fear us.

In my opinion, the reason Mr. Hawking does not believe in God has nothing to do with science but with emotion. While brilliant, he is severely disabled. Instead of thanking God for his intelligence, he seems angry that he is not able-bodied. I understand that this is difficult, but we all have crosses to bear. What he lacks physically is more than made up for by his intellectual gifts. God, the One he says doesn’t exist, has blessed him abundantly.

We all have gifts from God Who graces us if we accept them from Him. He doesn’t ask much from us. Belief is one thing He asks. Obedience is another. Repentance is the last. Instead of mindless speculation to be politically correct, the answer is to get to know and love God. And let go of anger.

The Persecution of Christians Worsens


I am amazed at how Christians tolerate abuse and mockery and in some cases welcome it. They laugh at the priest-as-pedophile jokes. They openly disagree with Church teachings and act indignant that there are objective truths by which they will be judged. They probably don’t know that our brethren around the world suffer persecution, especially in the Middle East.

The media report extensively about the battles between Jews and Muslims. The fact that some Muslims are killing and persecuting Christians goes unnoticed. So one could almost understand why American Christians could carelessly ignore the plight of our brothers. It is less understandable how we could be so uninterested in losing our own rights to freedom of conscience. Except the majority of Christians don’t have well-informed consciences anymore and don’t understand the cost of their sin.

But our problems here, while worsening, and needing of attention, are not the most pressing ones right now. What is happening overseas needs our attention and action.

According to the patriarch of Babylon in Iraq, part of which has been taken over by ISIS, a radical Muslim group that is trying to re-establish the caliphate:

The control exercised by the Islamist Jihadists upon the city of Mosul, and their proclamation of it as an Islamic State, after several days of calm and expectant watching of events, has now come to reflect negatively upon the Christian population of the city and its environs.

The initial sign was in the kidnapping of the two nuns and 3 orphans who were released after 17 days. At the time, we experienced it as a flash of hope and as a clearing of the sky after the appearance of storm clouds.

Suddenly we have been surprised by the more recent outcomes which are the proclamation of an Islamic state and the announcement calling all Christians and clearly asking them to convert to Islam or to pay the jizyah (the tax all non- Muslims must pay while living in the land of Islam) – without specifying the exact amount. The only alternative is to abandon the city and their houses with only the clothes they are wearing, taking nothing else. Moreover, by Islamic law, upon their departure, their houses are no longer their properties but are instantly confiscated as property of the Islamic state.

Can you imagine being forced to convert under threat of force? Or being compelled to pay a special tax? While we are not being threatened with death or other extreme measures in this country, we should be praying for our neighbors suffering throughout the world. And we should be more vigilant here.

The fact that there are segments of the population–including those in high political office–that want to ostracize American Christians, particularly Catholics, by making us violate our consciences by doing things like pay for others’ contraceptives and abortifacients should be disturbing. The fact that those who oppose calling homosexual unions marriage are targeted and called bigots is intimidation. This includes photographers and bakers who refuse to violate their consciences by participating in alleged same-sex marriages and who are fined as a result.

While we are not Iraq, we are on our way to losing our rights if we don’t protect them. Just like we need to advocate for our brothers in Christ abroad, we need to protect our Constitutional rights here before we lose them. When you think about it, what liberals are doing in this country is a gentler form of Christian persecution that Iraqis and others are enduring right now. In order to help them, we need to help ourselves. Depriving people of their livelihoods and subjecting them to ridicule for not violating their consciences is a stepping stone to the kind of persecution Christians once endured.

Despite the vast majority of Americans identifying as Christian, the reality is we are post-Christian. Like liberal Republicans (RINOs), the majority of Christians are Christian in Name Only (CINOs). That explains why we have lost society and why we who actually believe will lose the ability to live our Christianity publicly if we do not have a Christian revival characterized by a renewal of the faith and mass repentance.

The Pope, the President and the Photos: Don’t Be Fooled by the Smiles!


The media made a big deal about the inaugural meeting between His Holiness Pope Francis and President Barack Obama. It was a meeting between the most popular leader on earth with the former most popular leader. The upside for Obama is that having a photo of him with the Holy Father may lead non-practicing Catholics to conclude that the pope supports the president’s agenda. The downside for practicing Catholics is that the media and many of the American people will act as though the pope is on Team Obama. After all, if the Church really opposes Obama’s promotion of abortion and gay marriage and his administration’s attacks on religious liberty, why would the pope meet with him or be seen smiling with him?

I would not meet with the president but I am not the pope. He believes in outreach and he is a world leader meeting with another leader. The pope was not endorsing Obama’s plan for this country. In fact, according to the Vatican, the pope and the president discussed issues of concern to the American Church including religious liberty. Recall that the Supreme Court just heard the case of religiously motivated corporations which demand that their First Amendment rights not be abridged by the contraception mandate buried within Obamacare.

The pope’s version of events differs from the administration’s. It seems that the pope used the meeting as an opportunity to defend life and religious freedom. The pope gave his latest encyclical, The Joy of the Gospel, to the president to read. Having read the encyclical, I know if Obama bothers to peruse it that he will find it educational and informative. It is the pope’s vision for the Church and the world based on the teachings of Jesus, Whom Obama claims to worship along with millions of other Americans.

Interestingly, I saw numerous statements in the encyclical that were previously attributed to the pope which in context did not have the same impact as when they were taken out of context. The pope is trying to get the world back to the values of Christendom. It involves a balancing of individual rights and community obligations. In America we have taken to extremes with liberals swinging toward socialism and communism, which the Catholic Church has always condemned, and the libertarian-conservatives becoming intensely individualistic at the expense of their fellow neighbor.

This is yet another reason why the federal government should not be getting involved in that which is beyond the powers granted to it in the U.S. Constitution. It is conservative Catholics who have it right. We believe in individual rights but they are balanced by our obligations to our fellow man. I think the pope understands that as have all popes. We have the right to support ourselves and our family but we have duties toward the less fortunate. But our acts must be voluntary since we have free will and should be motivated by our faith, not by government compulsion.

When government gets involved, it gets it wrong since our current state of polarized politics trumps our historical values as a nation. The ascendancy of some groups should not lead to the violation of the rights of less popular Americans under the First Amendment. This is why the right of a Catholic business not to provide a wedding cake to a homosexual couple should be respected. And why people of faith who know that some forms of birth control can be abortifacients should not have to violate their consciences because some women want to spend money on their lattes and iPhones instead of on their monthly pills.

I hope that the president is humble enough to learn from the pope and that he reads the encyclical. I also hope the American people are not fooled by the photo-op into thinking the pope has given the president his blessing on his war on Christianity. I am sure Francis prays for Obama since he is concerned that the most free nation on earth is losing its way. No smile can change that but prayer and repentance can.

Sick Society: Our Lost Youth


I know every generation picks on the youth but things have really changed and not all of it is the rising generation’s fault. I don’t think we’ve had a worse set of folks coming of age since the Baby Boomers, who are some of the most selfish, immoral, and destructive Americans to have ever lived.

Young people generally are not considerate and do stupid things because they think they are invincible. They act before they think. The problem is we now have adults who continue this trend which is becoming dominant. Inspired by the young people who are drowning in narcissism due to social media, mainstream society is increasingly embracing their values. Indeed, the rise of extreme libertarianism is giving way to notions and policies that were unthinkable just one generation ago, maybe even only ten years ago. I am specifically talking about the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage.

To the extent that things are truly different now–we all used to say it but it simply was not true–one only needs to look at the computerization of our kids. We who are on the young side of middle age were not raised on the internet and all the blessings and curses it has created. It was supposed to connect us and it has isolated us. We all know the cliché of two people being out, possibly on a date, and instead of talking to each other, they stare into their phones. Our phones have become the center of our lives–our music, TV, conversation, socialization through Facebook and other social media sites, and access to the internet and everything that is available which consists of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This alone makes the lives of the current generation radically different from the rest of us. They also are facing a country that is not what their parents or grandparents inherited. Somewhere along the line we stopped encouraging the young to be all they can and to achieve. We became a reality show culture where 15 minutes of fame has become more prized than finding the cure to cancer. Nancy Pelosi encourages the young to stay on their parents’ healthcare until age 26 and to follow their dreams to be artists, poets and the like.

How many poets do we need? How many contestants must we have on The Bachelor? Do the kids of today want to smoke pot so they can forget about the fact that we are quickly destroying their future? In a way I don’t blame them but eventually our society’s problems will be theirs to manage and we already saw what the stoned Baby Boomers did to our country.

Whether young people are to blame or not, they are doing things that are horrifying. There is the Duke University student who calls herself Belle Knox and pays for her tuition by making pornography, stripping and…releasing a line of sex toys (according to the New York Post, 3/19/14). We know women who have taken off their clothes instead of doing the hard work of taking a non-glamorous job to pay for school. After taking countless selfies and using a webcam since before they reach puberty, is it any wonder that young women like this would think it is “empowering”? She hides behind feminism in saying she likes “painful” sex and that it is arousing. She is 18. (New York Post)

Before she went to leftist Duke, where were her parents when she was learning to love painful sex that led to exhibitionism which may make her rich but which will destroy the little dignity she has left?

There are many more stories of our lost youth, including the sex-obsessed Miley Cyrus. She is famous but there are numerous young people who are lost even if they are not public perverts. It is a shame and we owe them so much more. We have abdicated our responsibility as a culture to our youth and they are suffering now whether they realize it or not. Mostly, they think they are liberated and cool and so much smarter. Looking something up on the internet is not the same as actually knowing something. Using a calculator or spellcheck doesn’t replace the need for a solid, moral education which teaches critical thinking skills.

Instead of this, we get kids learning about their classmates’ two daddies, or a whitewashed history of this country that de-emphasizes American achievement but focuses on other societies’ contributions to America whether real or imagined, or how to feel good about themselves even if they don’t try their best.

I feel for those with young children who don’t have much to look forward to unless we guide our youth as we used to do. The youth are the future–how they are telegraphs where the country is going. All the technology in the world won’t save this nation. A return to a sense of decency and old-fashioned values just might.

Ash Wednesday & CPAC: Religion Trumps Politics


After going the last two years, I decided to go to CPAC again. It starts tomorrow and I bought my ticket before I realized that my travel day is Ash Wednesday, a day where people identify as Christians, usually Catholic, by going to church and having ashes–representing our mortality–placed on our foreheads as a call to repentance.

It is the beginning of the holy season of Lent, where we are called to pray, fast and sacrifice in preparation for our celebration of the holiest and most important day of the year, Easter Sunday.

This is what life is all about or should be all about for anyone who claims to be Christian. We follow Christ and so we don’t follow the crowd. Unless that crowd is repenting on its way from Mass. Unlikely these days.

God created us for a reason and He wants us to follow Him. He does not follow trends, or the crowd, or what is popular or easy. No one said being a Christian is easy. Back in the day when the majority identified as Christian it was easier than it is now. Overt acts of Christianity are met with hostility–think Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech at the Oscars thanking God–in certain quarters. That makes a day like today all the more special because–unlike a Hollywood actress declaring she is a lesbian–it takes real courage to walk among family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and enemies with ashes on one’s forehead, acknowledging one’s sinfulness.

What used to be a call to repentance is now taking a stand and a call to action that we need to witness our faith. Publicly and privately. That does not mean we are imposing our faith the way liberals impose regulations. No, we live as Christ calls us to live. And not just in actions, but in speech.

This brings me to CPAC. Two years ago I came to see the candidates when I thought we had a chance to defeat President Obama. Last year I came for words of encouragement as I was still recovering from the election. Now I come, somewhat reluctantly, to hear words that won’t for the most part be followed up by actions. And in fact I fear the words may not be ones that I want to hear.

It seems to me that many of our so-called conservative, mostly Christian leaders are more beholden to their perceived (special) interests than they are to God or even their constituents or the Constitution. I enjoy a good speech as much as the next conservative, but it rings hollow after awhile as we see our side losing and not even trying.

Politics is just a means to an end, but the end is what matters, which is living our faith and doing God’s will. Politics and power are the not goals but tell that to the speakers. They say the right things but their motives seem to be keeping their contributors happy–whether it’s the businessmen who want an ill-conceived immigration plan passed over reasonable objections or the countless members of the gay lobby who want our leaders to drop their moral opposition to gay marriage.

Calling what homosexuals do marriage is the civil rights issue of our time but not in the way the libertarian-leaning conservatives think. It is an issue where religious freedom should reign supreme. People of faith have the right to live their lives in accord with their consciences. That is in the First Amendment. There is no right in the Constitution to sodomy and no right to call two men cohabitating marriage. Unless it is next to the non-existent right to abortion that liberals love so much.

Despite this nation being founded on Christian principles, our right to exercise our religion is being eroded and pushed indoors as we are told not to proclaim our faith and keep it personal. While homosexuals can demand we respect and even celebrate their sodomy, we must never impose our beliefs. The usual double standard.

I hope CPAC does not disappoint and that the leaders and groups realize that politics must serve faith, not the other way around. Whatever we accomplish in the political arena must be for the glory of God, not for the advancement of an ideology. When we take God out of our lives, we are left with the kind of ruin we see this country in today.

Don’t Support the Boy or Girl Scouts!


I would like to support groups that help children grow, develop and become good American citizens. The Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts are not these groups. Not anymore.

The Boy Scouts now allow so-called gay kids–like anyone should be thinking about sexuality as a child!–to become Scouts. In fact, a self-identified homosexual received the highest honor that the formerly beloved organization bestows; he was made an Eagle Scout. Yet there are still complaints about the Scouts’ schizophrenic policy which continues to disallow openly gay men from serving as scoutmasters.

Instead of worrying about the fairness of not permitting adult homosexuals to lead boys in learning how to be strong men, we should wonder how the most American of organizations could capitulate to the ever-raging, never-satisfied gay agenda. I have been writing about this for years and my most read entry from a few years ago was called “Are Gays Taking Over America?”. At the time, I think people could not see what I was getting at but now it is so patently obvious that no one can seriously deny that the gay takeover of America is almost complete.

Look at the various rulings by judges from Utah to Kentucky to Oklahoma–the heartland that does not want to promote sodomy–forcing so-called gay marriage on the unwilling. Coupled with the endless portrayals of heroic homosexuals on TV and in film, including characters who “realize” they are gay when they never lived that way before, such as on last night’s Super Fun Night, one cannot escape the gay lobby’s work. (And don’t forget the obsession with gay athletes!)

This is bad enough, but to sexualize children is inexcusable.

Organizations should try to protect children, not politicize them. The Scouts have turned their backs on teaching and protecting children who they originally tried to keep morally straight. The Scouts have abandoned their principles and parents should avoid them.

Likewise, the Girl Scouts, who make delicious cookies, are no longer the group we used to be able to support. Instead of promoting sodomy, they are heralding pro-abortion women as role models, even honoring Planned Parenthood. Many pro-lifers are boycotting this once-great organization by refusing to buy the cookies for which they are famous.

Trust me–I would love to buy the cookies, but as a person of principle, I cannot support in good conscience what these liberals are doing to the next generation of little girls.

Like the boys being forced to think about sodomy at a young age, our little girls are being taught to think that supporting abortion is a good thing. This is sexualizing our girls in a place where they should be allowed to be innocent, learn skills and develop their leadership ability.

To me the fact these organizations have abdicated their obligation to the children to become politically correct tells us all we need to know. Now that the elites have brainwashed the adults, they are trying to do the same to the children.

These folks are really determined to destroy traditional morality. Let’s not be part of this. Don’t enroll your kids in these organizations–find alternatives. And don’t buy their cookies or chocolates. It’s not worth it. And the kids will ultimately thank you!

Just Read People: The Culture Is Lost


I went to the gym the other day and read the February 10 edition of People on the treadmill. By the time I was done, I was more convinced than ever that this country is finished. Not because of the flat-lining economy or even our unraveling political situation. It is because of the culture. It is rotten and rotting. Once the culture is done so are we. The worst part is we don’t even know it so how can we fix it?

So many examples:

*There was an article on the relationship between movie stars Sean Penn and Charlize Theron, good liberals both. Penn, who may be talented but is really ugly, in contrast with his former model girlfriend, is known as a liberal’s liberal. Yet, in the article the writer mentions as an indicator that this is a serious relationship that Penn “got rid of his gun collection for her.” Why are liberals such hypocrites? This is the kind of man who would take our guns but the rules don’t apply to him and his ilk. Considering the volatile relationship he had with Madonna, it is disturbing that he would have a gun collection. Yet, he would deny the same rights to more stable Americans. The article also mentioned that the actress waited before introducing her adopted son to him–kudos for her restraint!–and now Penn lives with them so her son can keep his routine. Crazy idea, Charlize, but why don’t you have Mr. Penn move in after you are married? That would indicate seriousness.

*In an article on the Grammys, it mentioned the same-sex and other weddings performed by the talk show host, Queen Latifah. She is quoted as saying, “Everybody should be able to fall in love with someone and be protected under law.” A classic celebrity statement that shows idiocy. It is not against the law for anyone to fall in love. Everyone is equally protected under the law. What traditionalists object to is re-writing over 2000 years of Christian history and trying to call sin virtue and sodomy marriage. Calling a lifestyle marriage does not make it so. Try explaining that to a dim-witted celebrity.

*There was also an article about how actress Tori Spelling’s husband is in rehab for allegedly cheating on her–and their four children. (Yes, there is rehab for not keeping one’s pants zipped up.) We are supposed to feel bad for Tori except she cheated on her prior husband with her current husband while he was still married to his prior wife. What did she expect? I don’t feel bad for her but I do feel bad for her innocent little children. Why should they suffer because daddy refuses to be faithful and mommy has poor judgment? So many children suffer–and are scarred for life–because of the poor life choices of their selfish parents. Hey, it is all about us, not them.

*Then there was the story about the missing child, Kyron Horman, who disappeared in 2010. His stepmother is still under suspicion in his disappearance. She allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband, the boy’s father, from whom she is now divorced. The boy’s parents had divorced with the father having custody and the mother living far away and thus not a daily part of this little 7 year old child’s life. So instead of having his parents to take care of him, his stepmother was in charge–and he is now gone. Why do parents put their own perceived self-interest ahead of their children’s? I don’t mean to sound judgmental but it seems that the child’s well-being was ignored and as a result he is quite possibly dead. Unless there is abuse or a seriously compelling reason, married couples should stay together for the sake of the children. I don’t know why his parents divorced but I have always thought this child would be alive and well if his parents had stayed together. We may never know.

The point of these examples is that our culture promotes the wrong values and genuine suffering is the result with a real weakening of the culture. Sex at any cost, liberal hypocrisy, calling wrong right, and neglecting our children–how can a culture survive? Look around, my fellow Americans, it is hanging on by a thread. Who knew People could be so educational?

Sick Society: The Sewer That is Television Worsens


Whether it was the inappropriate content of the Golden Globes or commercials showing what should be controversial (not to mention disgusting) homosexual conduct, TV and basic cable are getting more and more repulsive.

As for premium cable, I refuse to spend money on it so I don’t have it and won’t comment on it.

There is plenty of filth on free TV. Let’s take a look at recent programs.

I watched most of the Golden Globes on NBC last Sunday. Many of the hosts’ jokes were funny or at least not offensive. I recall one joke that was highly inappropriate because it dealt with masturbation and was told in the 8 pm hour which is supposed to be family time.

I don’t think masturbation jokes are ever appropriate but at 8 pm when young people are watching with their families, it is truly indecent. What is mom supposed to say to her teenaged children who are watching? The Hollywood audience didn’t bat an eyelash; they just laughed. And it was not funny, just dirty.

Why do female comedians feel the need to be dirty? If one is talented, one does not need to descend into the sewer. Lucille Ball was truly funny. She didn’t joke about masturbation. Can you even imagine that? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are considered funny by modern standards, meaning they are tacky, PC and overly sexual in their routines.

Another inappropriate sexual scene from basic cable was on–of all places–ABC Family. With a name like that, one would think it is a family network, and I think it was in the beginning. Lately, it has had highly suggestive programming and much homosexual propaganda.

Just like ABC itself. I saw a story this week about how CBS dominates prime time (I find most of their shows are much more family friendly than ABC’s). One would think ABC would want ratings but it prefers its agenda. From Revenge to Nashville to Grey’s Anatomy, homosexual characters are featured prominently and positively. Gay sex is not taboo.

ABC Family took its propaganda machine to the next level with this week’s episode of The Fosters. I don’t watch the show but it is about an inter-racial lesbian couple (the height of PC!) who take in foster children. Not my cup of tea but this is considered drama these days.

I was watching another program when I saw this commercial for The Fosters showing the two women in bed together. I thought I was seeing things–I had never seen anything quite this aggressive and I didn’t think ABC Family would show this, let alone on a commercial.

So innocent young people could be watching a more wholesome show–if there is one–on ABC Family and get visually assaulted by seeing two women in bed, holding each other. Clearly sexual even if they are not actually having sex.

This is outrageous. And I was not hallucinating because I saw the commercial again. Maybe I don’t want to see programs with two women in bed. By showing this on a commercial, my choice is taken away. (And all that matters to Hollywood elites is choice, right?) It is bad enough that ABC Family is determined to normalize homosexual relations, but the fact they have no regard for those of us who don’t want to view such things is offensive.

If people want to see such things, they can watch the show. But I don’t watch such things but am exposed to them anyway. So much for change the channel–liberals love that line. But when it is a commercial, by the time one changes the channel, it is too late.

Hollywood and government may want to call wrong right but for those of us who cling to our traditional values, we will keep saying no. And we will do our best to avoid the sewer.


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