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How We Are Giving Away Our Freedom


I was just taking the PATH train in New Jersey and was shocked at all the ads plastered across the train for New Jersey online poker. The signs trumpeted the players becoming millionaires.

This is just sad. Very few will become millionaires but how many will lose their money–probably money they don’t have–and waste hours of time chasing a big jackpot?

Like the periodic mega-jackpots run by the state lotteries. It leads to dreams–unrealistic fantasies really–that go unfulfilled but empty one’s wallet. I buy the tickets myself but I can afford to do so.

And I also know I am unlikely to win. I foolishly hope but within reason.

Worse than these delusion-inducing activities is the greater distraction that is the new pot legalization movement. Young and old people are embracing the notion that marijuana is a positive, harmless drug that is arguably better for people than alcohol or cigarettes.

Putting aside the fact that this is not true, what is most troubling to me is, having recently re-read Brave New World, that people want to escape reality by altering their mental status. When one is high, one puts others at risk. Maybe even worse, one loses the ability to make sound decisions.

You wonder why the government is suddenly going lax on drugs? A doped-up populace is docile. Like soma, the drug that helped the people in the Brave New World to cope with their bland existence and lack of freedom, stoned people are compliant, complacent and controllable.

They won’t question how almost 92 million people–1 in 4 Americans–are out of work while the unemployment rate keeps falling. Yes, we are told the unemployment rate is now 6.7%–keep in mind that 6% is considered full employment–yet so many people are out of work, unable to find work, discouraged from seeking work and underemployed.

A drugged population only cares about Kim Kardashian’s latest outfit or who wins the big game.

And where do they see Miss Kim’s latest fashions? On their smartphones and other gadgets.

Perhaps the worst thing and one of the best on some level is the internet and the ability to communicate. While our devices have up to now brought us freedom, in the long run I believe they will enslave us.

How many times have you seen people not look where they are going–walking or in a car–because they are texting?

How many times have you seen two people out together but worlds apart, each on his own phone?

How often have you experienced being lost in some pointless article online while you should be working or paying attention to your family?

This may seem harmless now but the point with all these things is that they distract us from what is going on in the world and engaging in it. Knowing what our politicians are doing and opposing that which is a threat to our liberty should be our focus.

Isn’t it more important to know how our leaders are spending our money than to know the latest sports score?

Isn’t it crucial to be educated about our history so we can pass it on to our children and they can pass it on to theirs?

Wouldn’t it be better if we spent as much time studying math and civics as we do with our eyes glued to the screen?

We have become so self-absorbed–hooked on drugs, gambling, entertainment and don’t get me started on the dangers of porn!–that nothing outside ourselves interests us anymore. Our freedom is being eroded–think the HHS mandate, gay marriage being forced on unwilling states, the NSA spying on us while we use our devices–and we don’t care. There is no march on Washington. There is barely an angry letter to the editor.

Our freedom does not have to be taken from us forcibly. We are letting it go to engage in what we believe is more important–feeding our narcissism.

Christians Under Attack


We are now in the Christmas season. Despite the world moving on, getting ready for a new year, declaring Christmas over on December 25, we Christians know that Advent prepared us for our current joyous Christmas season, a distinct period that extends into the coming year.

Despite our cause for joy because Jesus was born to set us free and to save us, we in the West have failed to protect our Christian heritage and in the non-Western world Christians are under physical attack because they do believe.

On Christmas day the latest blatant attack on our brethren took place in Iraq. Christians were killed while they were worshipping our God. This is a common but underreported occurrence. We Americans don’t know and don’t care about our fellow Christians. We are united to our fellow countrymen but we have lost the bond that cemented Christendom for centuries.

Our identity as American Christians has also been diluted. We are Christians but we don’t act like it, at least not publicly. Many of us go to church and even pray but we don’t proclaim our Christian faith to the world. We are embarrassed; we want to be normal like everyone else. And the person next door has been brainwashed into keeping his faith hidden. We live fully secular lives, only allowing our faith out of the closet on Sundays.

It has been a disaster for us personally and as a society. From the banning of prayer in the public schools in the 1960s to the atheist attempts to ban celebration of Christmas in the public square today, our society has shrugged off its public embrace of our Christian roots. The results? Can we honestly say our society is any better than it was half a century ago? In fact, we are markedly worse. Our culture is coarse, rude, vulgar and a frightful place to raise a child.

In term of the personal, one cannot turn on a TV or walk down the street in a place like New York without seeing images that undercut our moral values and which further undermines our ability to live out our Christian faith. From the administration to the media to Hollywood, the elite has made it clear that our beliefs regarding abortion, birth control and gay marriage are less important than alleged women’s and homosexuals’ rights.

We are being silenced. We have been silent so long in letting our faith take a backseat to being ordinary, mass-media-influenced Americans that we have allowed our faith, our very identity as Christians, to become marginalized. We now are losing our ability to practice our faith and silence is being forced on us. What we don’t protect, we lose. What was a poor choice is now becoming mandated.

When photographers and bakers are ordered to violate their consciences and provide services for same-sex weddings, we know our failure to proudly live our faith has now threatened our very rights under the First Amendment. The same is true with Christians being forced to provide artificial contraception and sterilization under Obamacare, which is being challenged in the courts. Our silence is destroying us. Threats of being called bigots have frightened us into complacency and denial of what our beliefs truly are.

Thankfully, men like Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame express their faith and are unafraid (even if his expression was a little rough around the edges). The liberal elites tried to silence him but he and other Christians spoke up. This may be a turning point if all Christians start acting like Christians advocating for our beliefs and for our brothers and sisters abroad. We may lose our culture but other Christians are at risk of losing their very lives. The time to speak is now. Let’s embrace our First Amendment rights of religion and speech before they are suppressed or even just further compromised.

The Real Meaning of Christmas


I know this is shocking but Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No one seems to know this anymore. Kind of like modern weddings. It is all about the party and the fun. People barely notice the point of the party.

Christmas is not actually about family or friends or being together or giving or receiving gifts. It is not about year-end celebrations with colleagues or parties with delicious foods and strong drinks. These are ancillary to the holy day, not the point of it.

According to our liberal media, commercialism is the enemy and yet commercialism is promoted at every turn–on TV shows, commercials, music, news, etc. The story we are told is that this is wrong–like when the media condemn and glorify violence at the same time–and the answer is being with family–gay or straight–in their loving embrace. No mention of Jesus.

The stories we see in the news range from holiday discounts to satisfy unnecessary wants–discounted 40 inch screen TVs and phones that do everything but breathe for us–to helping the poor in their material needs by providing them a turkey dinner on Christmas day.

The spiritual is neither addressed nor acknowledged. For the few who bother to go to church, tearing away from their family feasts and greedy kids grasping for even more gifts, they expect to hear a gospel of peace and love but no responsibility or obligations. People even in church focus on celebrating with family and friends with togetherness and grand music and joy. But does anyone think about Jesus for more than a moment amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, the wrapping paper, the egg nog and the candy canes?

What started out as a grand birthday party for the Savior of the world–and He does deserve the most fantastic party as the Son of God–has become a celebration of us and our wants, not even our needs. From the time we are children, who want toys and candy, to adults who want to feel like kids again by partying for a whole month and buying and receiving expensive gifts, we have turned Christmas into a secular celebration.

Every year many people object to the commercialization, but few object to the secularization. People have been groomed to object to putting themselves into debt for the sake of buying happiness as the cold winter approaches. Yet they do it anyway. They strive for the warm feeling of being surrounded by loved ones, coming together to celebrate…coming together?

The point the world has forgotten is that we are celebrating that God sent His only Son so that we may be saved. That is a reason to celebrate Him, not us. I wonder if the reason for so much holiday-related depression is that deep down in our hearts we are searching for God but instead of letting ourselves find Him, we let ourselves get absorbed by the whirlwind of the season, of the expectations of family, friends and society.

And recall despite being the Son of God, Jesus chose to be born in a stable in Bethlehem, not at a private unit of the best hospital or in the fanciest suite of the grandest hotel in the world. His own birthday party was not so grand because it is about Him, not about the party. We should celebrate Him and what He has done for us. Jesus and His gift of salvation is the true meaning of Christmas. Think about Him as you open your gifts and eat your pecan pie–good things but not the purpose of Christmas.

Sick Society: Cultural Rot Affects Average Americans


I was watching the Today show this morning when they featured a story on fast food workers demanding their hourly wage be doubled. In the story they showed a young mother, who had one child and one on the way; she said she could not support herself without struggling on her low salary. It was also noted she receives Medicaid and food stamps–compliments of the taxpayer–just to get by.

When I saw this propaganda piece, I was outraged. This irresponsible woman was apparently not married but felt comfortable having sex. Despite all the lies about birth control, the reality is that the only way not to get pregnant is to abstain from sex. Besides the morality issue, there are practical and economic issues to consider. When young ladies like this get pregnant and have children without husbands, they are often doomed to poverty and the ills that ensue.

I also wondered where the father(s) was and why he (or they) was not helping. It is their responsibility to support, feed, clothe, and shelter their kids. Not the taxpayer, the government, the schools, or the fast food restaurants.

Fast food jobs are not meant to support a family. How one supports a family is by forming one. This is the process–people don’t seem to remember how: a young man courts a young woman; when he has proven himself worthy–through good character, intelligence and having a strong work ethic–he proposes, she accepts, they get married; only then do they have sexual relations. Then they have children whom they can support because at least one or both of them is working.

That is how it is supposed to work.

If this young woman had not been led astray by a culture that told her she could have sex without consequences, she would not be in this position. She would have had self-respect to wait until a man valued her enough to marry her. She then would be able to support her family. As Ann Coulter has written extensively, single motherhood causes most of society’s social problems in terms of poverty, crime, and family breakdown. Cultural rot has set in over the last couple of generations, especially since Dan Quayle criticized Murphy Brown.

Remember the brouhaha when he said she was glamorizing single motherhood? Well, that was exactly what she was doing. He was prescient.

Young women who are taught to embrace their sexuality irresponsibly are the ones who pay the price along with their innocent children who have to suffer for their poor judgment.

Instead of trying to restore traditional morality, our culture continues to enable reckless behavior. The elites do not suffer but the average person does. And the whole society continues to go down the drain. No minimum wage increase will prevent that.

Will the Republicans Screw Up Obama’s Gift to Them?


Just when the Republicans are ready to fade away into oblivion, our incompetent Professor-in-Chief gives them a chance to redeem themselves and prove they were right all along on Obamacare.

The question is, will the Republicans rescue Obama and his destructive law by postponing it for a year? This is the time to stand up for what we believe and try to get rid of this takeover of one-sixth of the economy.

Postponement only serves to allow the Democrats to delay the pain of the healthcare law, which Americans are only starting to feel, until after the elections. It would save the law which we know is a disaster. The truth is, the law is wrong as a matter of principle. It is not for the government to dictate to Americans to purchase anything.

As a practical matter, this law will not work without compulsion–and a functioning website. Since the website does not work, people don’t really know how bad it is. If it continues not to work even after hundreds of millions of dollars and over three years of time and talent invested, why should anyone trust it and the geniuses who brought it to us?

They cannot even run the post office and we would allow them to make our healthcare decisions?

And they will make our decisions. The compulsion is twofold: they will force us to buy the insurance–including those who don’t want or need it–or pay a fine and those who provide the healthcare will decide what treatment we are allowed, meaning that death panels are real.

Instead of ruining our healthcare system, the government should get out of the way. This is what the Republicans profess to want but they don’t seem to know how to get it. The media reflexively back Obama–or they did until now. This is the best opportunity we have had to reverse this law. The media is finally being just a little critical of the academic masquerading as the leader of the free world and Obama had finally admitted that this law is less than what he promised.

Knowing Obama and his liberal supporters, the Republicans will find a way to save the law in the hopes they can run against it in 2016. But once it is entrenched, it will be even more difficult to get rid of it, save our jobs, and preserve our freedom.

So am I optimistic that the Republicans won’t screw this up? About as optimistic that the Republicans will take back the White House in 2016.

The Problem with Republicans


Now that I have had some time to absorb the political ramifications of the government shutdown–which I enjoyed as I noticed no change in my life as a working taxpayer–I have to share some thoughts on the Republicans.

First, they should not have shut down the government unless they had a plan in place with attainable goals. While I applaud the partial shutdown as proof there is too much needless government, the lesson was apparently not learned. The average person believes what the media says even though opinion polls show people think the media is biased and liberal.

An intelligent person I know who is a Northeast Republican–fiscally conservative and socially liberal/moderate–said to me that the problem with the Republicans is the Tea Party and its obsession with abortion. The Tea Party is not about abortion even though I am sure many, if not most, are pro-life. The Tea Party is about adhering to the Constitution, which the president should also seek to promote. In this case, the Tea Party is rightly trying to stop Obamacare, a disaster. In addition, the Tea Party wants to cut uncontrolled spending and work on reducing the multi-trillion dollar national debt.

Nothing to do with abortion. But if one watches the media, one would conclude the Tea Party is about taking away women’s abortions and contraceptives. If one is not informed, and we know most Americans are not, one can be easily fooled. (Outlawing abortion is actually something we should all seek as a human rights issue.)

That was a major problem for the Republicans–the media disinformation campaign. The Democrats lied and were unreasonable and the media repeated their assertions as truth. The media went further and did not accurately report what the Republicans were actually doing. For example, while they shut down–partially–the government by not voting on the Senate bill earlier this month because they did not agree with it, they voted on several individual bills to fund specific government agencies. Harry Reid was not interested and so it was as if the votes didn’t happen.

From my perspective Obama-Reid are the ones who really shut down the government. They would not be flexible. They would not negotiate. With the media on their side and their party united, the Democrats knew the Republicans didn’t stand a chance. The Republicans should have come up with a plan that would take this reality into account.

Instead, they let the Democrats get the better of them and then went through this exercise for sixteen days in order to get–absolutely nothing! That is what really makes me wonder about the Republicans. They did this and have nothing to show for it. I was wondering how the unpopular Obama was going to get the House back to control Congress next year and now I know how he will do it–by never letting the people forget the shutdown. And once his team controls both chambers, he will get his amnesty and gun control and who knows what else.

Maybe this would have been a more worthwhile exercise politically if the Republicans could be united. But the establishment Republicans were too busy trying not to get tagged as Tea Party supporters. And John McCain and his ilk spent most of the shutdown throwing Ted Cruz and his compatriots under the bus.

The real problem with Republicans is that most of them are not conservative. Many talk as if they are conservatives–like Lindsey Graham–but they are not in the same league as Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. The openly liberal Republicans–like Susan Collins–are obvious RINOs. There are so many RINOs who do great damage because they carry the label of conservative. Think Paul Ryan. Their allegiance does not appear to be to the Constitution, however, but to the power of Washington, which is increasingly used by the politicians against the people.

So what happens next? I expect more capitulation and weakness. I just hope that Ted Cruz will continue his leadership and his attempts to persuade his fellow politicians to do what is right for the country even though the media and the Democrats will continue to attack them.

Shut Down the Government!


I don’t understand all the whining about a partial government shutdown. To those of us who see the extent of government overreach–with its threat to liberty–a partial government shutdown is a beautiful thing.

It will show Americans how much government is involved in our lives and it is too much. We need to be independent and to live independently.

Much of what will happen is not important such as national monuments closing and people’s vacations being impacted. A ruined vacation is a small price to pay to stop Obamacare…or at least slow it down.

Once our healthcare is ruined, there is no going back. The so-called moderate Republicans who say we should go along and then get control of the Senate after the 2014 elections are delusional or deceitful. We are not going to win back the Senate and even if we did, there are too many so-called moderates to reverse Obamacare. Especially if it is already in effect. Even if it is a disaster, which it will be.

Let’s be honest. So many government programs are hurtful to the American people but once it is in place, there is no going back. Wasn’t it Reagan who said the closest thing to immortality on earth is a government program? It can be bad but nothing will stop it from staying in place and frankly growing. It is like riding the subway in New York. We complain about the lousy commute–which for what you are getting is expensive–but we accept it. Between the daily grind of life and all our distractions like our smartphones, we just suck it up.

As long as we have bread and circuses, people will tolerate anything. Unfortunately.

Which is why we need to take a stand now regarding Obamacare.

And by the way I find it obnoxious that Obama-Reid would have the nerve to act like the usually timid Republicans are lawbreakers. These are the same folks who are selectively enforcing the law..their own law! Plus, the way it was passed was underhanded. On a holiday weekend using parliamentary maneuvers.

All Ted Cruz and the Republicans are doing is trying to bring attention to real problems in this law and to give the American people a chance.

This should be supported and it is by everyday Americans. It is the elitists and their media collaborators who oppose the Republican plans. The Tea Party is the American people and it is time for us to speak out.

We also need to understand that a smaller government is the best thing that could happen to this country. Perhaps a partial government shutdown is the way to open up our eyes! We can survive a shutdown and less government will make us more independent.

Pope: Catholic Teaching Unchanged on Gay Sex


The media got all excited about recent comments by Pope Francis on homosexuals. It just shows their ignorance and bias. My headline is more accurate than their reporting which falls into the category of wishful thinking.

The Church’s teaching has been clear and consistent for over 2000 years: hate the sin, love the sinner. This teaching applies not just to homosexuals but to all people.

Note the following from the Catholic Catechism which is not changed by Pope Francis’ comments which are in accord with this teaching:

2357    Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved. (2333)

2359    Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection. (2347)

No one is condemned for same-sex attraction. One is called to live chastely. Just like unmarried heterosexuals. They must also refrain from sexual activity. It is in chastity–to which every person is called–that one finds freedom. One is chaste when one lives in accord with one’s station in life: married people are obliged to have sex with their spouse and unmarried people are obliged not to have sexual relations. Period.

As the pope said, all people, including homosexuals, have dignity and must be treated as such. That does not mean that they should have immoral sexual relations. In fact, the Catechism specifically says one cannot engage in unmarried sex.

This is what Pope Francis said (most of which was conveniently left out by the mainstream media but is reported accurately by CNS News):

When asked about an apparent “gay lobby” of  clergy at the Vatican, the Pope said, “In these situations, it’s  important to distinguish between a gay person and a gay lobby, because  having a lobby is never good. If a gay person is a person of good will  who seeks God, who am I to judge? The Catechism of the Church explains  this very beautifully. It outlines that gays should not be  marginalized.”

Pope Francis then said, “The problem is not having this [homosexual]  orientation. No, we must be brothers and sisters. The problem is  lobbying for this orientation, or lobbies of greed, political lobbies,  Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the most serious problem for  me….”

After reading what he actually said in context, one can only conclude that the media deliberately tried to misrepresent the pope’s position. The media and the gay lobby won’t be happy until the Church changes her position on homosexual sex.

But it will never happen. So the Church will continue to be harassed and targeted. Liberals will continue to pretend the Church hates gays and that is simply untrue as the pope stated. The Church loves all and wants to help all people to live in accord with God’s will and be saved. Encouraging immoral sex would be contrary to the Church’s mission because illicit sex enslaves people, deceives them and leads them to perdition.

Shame on the media and the gay lobby for hating homosexuals by promoting sinful activity. God will be the judge of all, not the pope as he himself said.

Race in America: Not About Trayvon or Obama


When I watched the George Zimmerman verdict, I cried, relieved there would be no further injustice. It is a bad situation and there are no winners. It is not like George Zimmerman is all good or all bad. Same is true about Trayvon Martin.

Sending Zimmerman to jail was not going to make anything better. It was not justice. Why do I say that and why do I think that neither person was completely innocent?

I think George Zimmerman, with a desire to be a hero-cop and exhibiting poor judgment, followed Trayvon that fateful night with knowledge of recent crimes in the neighborhood on his mind. He was, after all, on the neighborhood watch. He should have listened to the 911 operator and backed off. But he followed.

From Trayvon’s perspective, I can see why he was annoyed–and possibly alarmed–that George was following him. He didn’t know what his intent was. His friend, Rachel Jeantel, implied to Piers Morgan that there was concern that the man following Trayvon could be a gay rapist.

What Trayvon supposedly did next finally makes sense to me. He allegedly started beating up George who, older and out-of-shape, was no match for 17-year-old Trayvon. Except George had a gun and he used it.

If he had shot Trayvon unprovoked as Trayvon’s supporters allege, then it would have been murder or manslaughter. Once George was in the position of having to defend himself from Trayvon’s attack, it was self-defense–and perfectly legal.

Tragic but legal.

Sending George to jail is not the solution. In fact, for his poor judgment he has already suffered immensely–and likely permanently. He is the new Casey Anthony who will not be able to live a normal life.

This should be the end of it. A sad story with no winners. A terrible loss for Trayvon’s family and friends.

But because Trayvon was African-American, the race hustlers, like Al Sharpton, are going to turn a tragedy into a racial event. This is not a white and black situation. George is half Spanish, which makes him white according to the media. Funny how President Obama is half white, but somehow he is the first black president and considered a black man.

Generally in society and per the media when someone has a mixed racial heritage, the bi-racial individual is considered whatever the minority half is. Not so with George because then the story could not be manipulated into a racist one.

However, this is not about racism. It never was but the Al Sharptons of the world wanted it to be. And still do. So apparently does President Obama, who surprised me with his statement almost a week after the verdict just when things finally started to calm down.

Insofar as African-Americans have suffered in this country, I completely understand why they are sensitive as Obama pointed out. I feel awful for Trayvon’s parents. However, would their pain be any less if he had died at someone else’s hands?

Which brings me to the real problem in this country for African-Americans which is black-on-black crime. Like what happens daily in Chicago. Where is Al Sharpton to denounce this real danger? Because what happened between Trayvon and George was the result of misunderstanding, stupidity, and poor judgment, not racism. Yet every day all around this country the biggest problem for African-Americans is not being victimized by racism but by crime–and unemployment and broken families and a poor educational system.

But why fix those real problems if you can play racial scapegoating? Because the reality is those who seek to fan the flames of race don’t really care about their fellow man. That does not get them fine clothes and belongings, media attention, and money.

Who is the biggest offender? I would have guessed Al Sharpton but after Obama’s speech, I think he may have earned the title. He is so self-centered–going from Trayvon could have been my son! to I could have been Trayvon!–and willing to deepen the divide. For someone elected in part to bring healing–heck, he was personally going to heal the oceans–he has done the opposite.

The president has made inappropriate comments on race in the past. This time Obama was not just identifying with Trayvon, but went so far as to say there would have been a different outcome if Trayvon had been white.

Healing? I think not.

First, just because President Obama is half-black does not mean that he has to inject himself into every racial issue in America. Second, a jury has reviewed the evidence and made an appropriate ruling that should be respected. Finally, this is a tragedy but it will be made worse if more violence and hatred result. We should seek calm and reason, not the exploitation of painful emotion.

So while Obama and Sharpton claim they want to advocate for black people, theirs are just words. Their actions show that they, like many before them, don’t want to help black Americans and heal historical racial division. And that is a real shame for all Americans.

How Is Our Freedom Faring in 2013?


I was reading my post last year on freedom on Independence Day and was thinking about the state of our liberty one year later. Needless to say, things have gotten worse over the last 12 months.

First, the American people have chosen to continue on the destructive path of reckless spending, dependency, and delusion. We are led to believe that calling something marriage which is not marriage is freedom. And that free contraception is freedom. But these are distractions from our real loss of liberty.

We have found out that the government is monitoring our phone calls, Internet searches and credit card transactions. This is the kind of invasion of our privacy that in the past would have led to people marching in the streets in protest, calling our elected officials and voting them out if they didn’t take action.

Instead of stories on where in the world is Edward Snowden, where is the media expressing its outrage over government spying? They save all their passion for the latest person to come out of the closet. Always an act of bravery to the fawning media.

Between the so-called gay rights agenda and our national obsession with the salacious lives of ultimately unimportant celebrities–be it Paula Deen, Alec Baldwin, Miley Cyrus, et al–we are a nation of easily distracted people who don’t understand that our preoccupations with the trivial permit those who rule us to transform our country. Without our noticing and without our objections.

When we finally wake up–if we do–will we realize that the 4th of July is no longer a remembrance of our freedom but just a day off from work to go to the beach and eat hot dogs and drink beers? And I say that not because that is what it should be, but that is what it is.

If people still think Independence Day has meaning, it is for the wrong reasons. We are told freedom is sodomy and unlimited sex without consequences. But freedom is not, cannot be these things. True liberty provides the freedom to do what is right, not engage in self-indulgence. Our freedoms are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, but they have been under attack. If we don’t speak up, they will be gone and all we will have is our newly-granted right to sodomy.

That is not going to protect us the way true freedom does. If nothing else, I hope Americans learn to distinguish between freedom and falsity. I’m not optimistic but I am praying.


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