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Lent Is Coming: Exciting Announcement


I see the sad state our society is in and want to cry (and sometimes I do). Just this week, I saw three devastating headlines:

Alabama is being forced by a federal judge and the Supreme Court to disregard the will of the people. The American people believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. Justice Ginsburg says the American people are ready for so-called gay marriage. The fact that we repeatedly and clearly voted against it means nothing to elitists. They want it so the will of the people be damned. I am so grateful to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for standing up to these fascists who do what they want but don’t care what the American people want. The legal elitists hide behind false interpretations of the Constitution while ignoring the laws of God and the will of the people.

Then I saw a headline concerning an outrageous ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals saying the Obamacare mandate forcing Catholic and other institutions to violate their consciences is constitutional. These elitists really don’t know how to read the Bill of Rights, do they? The First Amendment protects freedom of religion. There is no right to contraception or healthcare for that matter. This will now have to go to the Supreme Court. Based on Ginsburg’s comments on gay marriage–we all know how that ruling is going to come out (pardon the pun) in June–I don’t have high hopes for what this Court may do on the birth control mandate.

Finally, because of the Alabama gay marriage controversy, Justice Moore was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, whose ignorance of the Constitution is equal to the average federal court judge based on their conversation. Cuomo denied that our rights come from God. He said they come from man. Wow. He needs to read our founding documents. And learn to use his brain before he opens his mouth. Sadly, his ignorance is prevalent as political correctness has triumphed over reason and common sense among the elites.

You can see why I get upset. Expressing disdain for the negative news only gets us so far.

Therefore, I think we need education. To complement this blog, I am launching a new blog: Called to Conversion which has the theme Go and Sin No More. Look out for it on Ash Wednesday. Use this Lent as an opportunity to start your conversion process. We are all called to convert and to sin no more. That is where the world is going wrong. We don’t think we need to change. We expect God and nature to bend to our will. That is not going to happen. We have to change now before our culture finally implodes. If we as individuals live morally, we can change the world.

Random Acts of Lesbianism


We are constantly told that homosexuality is genetic, that gay people are born this way and thus depriving them of opportunities to marry and have children is discrimination without basis. We are told they are a sizable portion of the population and that their rights must be protected. We get this message from the media, the judiciary, the academy and of course Hollywood.

The nation has been brainwashed into believing people are born gay and must act on same-sex desires.

What I find interesting is that Hollywood takes this position but then promotes the idea that if two attractive women are together for an extended period and are good friends, they will suddenly start kissing. They’re not previously homosexual in orientation or practice but Hollywood glorifies what I call situational lesbianism.

It doesn’t make sense except Hollywood is misogynistic and run by men–gay and straight–who take advantage of and belittle women.

Two recent examples. I went to see Birdman, having heard it was a very good movie (it isn’t). It is the story of a has-been actor who decides to stage a pretentious play on Broadway to prove his acting ability. Birdman’s brunette girlfriend, who is one of two actresses in the show he is directing, consoles the other actress who is upset. Suddenly, for no reason, the brunette kisses the blonde woman. The blonde’s initial reaction is to wonder at why the other woman is kissing her but then she asks her to do it again.

Huh? I am a woman with many close female friends and have never had the inclination to lock lips with any of them. I am sure they would agree. It is called friendship.

The scene in the movie makes no sense and has nothing to do with the rest of the plot. The best I can come up with is that the actress who was kissed opted for the make-out session because her boyfriend, another actor, was a first-class jerk. If sexual orientation is genetic, then why would a life-long heterosexual suddenly engage in homosexual behavior? The answer is she would not.

Hollywood just seems to love ladies locking lips which is deemed “safer” to audiences than two men kissing. It advances the gay agenda or at least intends to do so.

Another more disappointing example occurred on Person of Interest, a generally moral CBS drama. One of the characters is called Root and she is presented as a little mentally off; whether or not she is supposed to be a lesbian is unclear. There is another character that she has been making flirty comments toward for several episodes. This female character has been established as straight. In a moment of peril, when the straight woman is about to risk her life and possibly die, she opts to kiss Root as if she too felt the same romantic feelings. It doesn’t make sense. Why can’t they just have strong emotional ties as friends like the two straight male characters do? The men have never kissed each other and are close friends.

Again, I think Hollywood thinks this is a stealth way to advance the idea of situational lesbianism. Does that mean when the peril passes that the woman goes back to being straight? If homosexuality is situational, then this undermines the idea that gays are born that way. Hollywood thinks we will continue to be bamboozled into thinking that everyone is gay by birth or could become gay under the right circumstances, but people with common sense know better.

It is one or the other but not in Hollywood. It is like other deviant behavior that Hollywood is celebrating–from bisexuality to polyamory–which undermines the idea that people are genetically born this way. So much of what people choose to do is the result of problems during emotional and sexual development which leads to confusion that can convince people they are one way when they are not.

Finally, keep in mind that self-identification of homosexuality is much lower than one would think based on media portrayals. Every show has at least one gay character and viewers are led to believe that many more than the false 10% statistic of gays are present in the population. The actual number is less than 3% so the question we are left with is why are viewers led to believe that so many people are gay or prone to homosexual activities even if straight?

It’s the gay agenda, folks, that we have warned about for years, which is the basis for the push for so-called gay marriage. Don’t let the propaganda fool you!

60 Minutes’ Hatchet Job on Church…Again


I saw that liberal and biased 60 Minutes was interviewing Boston’s archbishop, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, a Franciscan who is friends with our Holy Father. I taped it and then watched and then screamed.

Liberal and biased reporter Norah O’Donnell, displaying the attitude of the anti-Catholic media, asked an apparently willing O’Malley a series of obnoxious questions which mostly focused on the sex abuse scandal, which is now a non-issue. I hate to break it to her (and him) but the scandal is long over. Most of the abuse happened up to a half century ago and there are very few incidents reported anymore despite the grasping plaintiffs’ attorneys who are desperate to make a buck.

The same cannot be said about the Orthodox Jewish community or New York City public schools. Rarely is there an expose about their sex abuse scandals.

O’Malley’s accomplishments in addressing the abuse scandal’s fallout over a decade ago may be commendable. I can see why he wanted to talk about it back in the day. But why he would want to answer questions and why the reporter would ask them in 2014 when there is no acute problem is mystifying. Except that we know CBS and O’Donnell have an agenda.

How do I know? I can tell from Ms. O’Donnell’s other impertinent questions. She asked if not allowing women to become priests was “immoral”. Immoral? Let her ask an imam whether women and men praying in different rooms of the mosque is sexist and thus immoral. She doesn’t have an axe to grind against the Muslims and she values her pretty head, which she positioned frequently in that condescending way where we she shows her disdain for the Church.

She, like O’Malley, seems eager for the Church to change. Newsflash: dogma cannot change. Truth is truth. If they don’t believe, they need to find a door to make their exit.

Examples of their misguided views are the questions on the Vatican’s treatment of liberal nuns which O’Malley thinks is offensive and whether women can be ordained as priests.

O’Malley struggled but eventually got out the right answer. God became man in Jesus Christ. God chose to only have men be priests in the image of His Son. Not women. That does not mean we who are women are unequal. It just means that God chose men to be eligible to be priests. The implication of the questions was that the Church is sexist and discriminatory. It is not true but don’t tell that to O’Malley.

As he struggled, he ended his statement by saying that God founded His Church with only men being able to be priests. However, perhaps to placate O’Donnell or perhaps because he feels this way or both, he said if he were founding a church, he would let women be priests. Yes, that is right–he is disagreeing with God Himself!

While liberals, especially in the media, are obsessed with the Church changing, they will be forever disappointed. God through His Son, Jesus Christ, established the Church as is. Jesus is Truth and there is no changing the Truth to suit the fashion of the times. Why O’Malley–and I hope this was the result of editing–would think he could improve upon God’s design is shocking and disappointing, especially since he claims to be best friends with our beloved but confounding pope.

Where is Cardinal Burke when you need him? 60 Minutes should interview him to learn the truth. Unfortunately, they are not interested.

Rob Astorino for Governor of New York


The era of people named Cuomo running the great state of New York into the ditch must come to an end. We need an honest, experienced, decent man as the next governor and the Republicans have selected such a person as the nominee, Rob Astorino, the Westchester County Executive.

He is the stereotypical conservative, Republican who wants to cut spending and lower taxes. He has a proven track record. More importantly, what makes him more unusual, especially in the liberal northeast, is that he is unabashedly pro-life and pro-marriage (I don’t want to call it traditional marriage anymore since so-called same-sex marriage is not marriage).

Why is this important? Governor Andrew Cuomo spearheaded the legislation that changed the definition of marriage in New York so that two men or two women could get the state’s blessing on their union. He made this a priority even while the economy was in turmoil. He showed his true colors, which unfortunately endeared him to wealthy Republicans who shared the same “values”.

In terms of abortion, Cuomo is a radical on the order of President Obama. He is running not just as a Democrat but also as a women’s “rights” champion on the Women’s Equality Party line. In fact, he has been proposing a women’s “equality” bill that would promote abortion even more. He stars in a commercial for the women’s party (which does not represent thinking females like me) where his live-in honey talks about “choice” (aka killing babies) and his three daughters repeat liberal, feminist nonsense including women having an income disparity with men. A known lie.

Do we want to get the state back on track or do we want to continue to be a forum for radical liberal experiments?

Why does Cuomo want to please the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights crowd? I believe he accepts their agenda and they are generous donors. Remember his comment about pro-lifers (which would include practicing Catholics by definition) needing to leave the state? Wouldn’t it make more sense for decent people to send this career politician packing?

I am not even getting to the corruption of Albany and the scandal involving the Moreland Commission. Cuomo may be indicted during his second term if re-elected.

Astorino would provide a fresh start. What does he stand for? This man, who is also on the Conservative Party and StopCommonCore Party lines due to his good positions on the issues, wants to reform the state’s economy so it is conducive to job growth. Despite what Obama and Cuomo say, there has been no recovery unless one is already very, very rich. The working class and the middle class continue to suffer. The answer is not high taxes and reckless spending and excessive regulations. Astorino favors old-fashioned pro-growth policies. Get the government out of our lives and let the people prosper!

Astorino also opposes Common Core, which is an educational disaster that impedes proper education of our youth, which should be handled locally. We do not need the federal government to pressure the states into a uniform program for all children everywhere. This is especially true where Common Core makes learning harder for kids.

Another key plank of the Astorino program is to restore ethics to a corrupt state bureaucracy, including by his advocating for much-needed term limits. He wants to take on both Democratic and Republican corruption. The Republicans are not supporting him as they should so he is not beholden to them. Maybe their abandonment will turn out to be a good thing if the people of the state of New York decide they want real change.

On November 4, we need to end the reign of King Andrew and elect a man who can bring positive change to our beloved state.

Sodomy, Like Artificial Contraception, Is Sinful: Sorry, Libs!


I am sick of reading articles by various religion reporters who think that spinning discussions by the Pope and the bishops about issues concerning the family and sexuality as progressive–as they define the word–may lead to changes long-desired by liberals.

It is not going to happen. The Catholic Church cannot change her teachings which have been given to us by God. Truth is Truth and, despite the modern attempts to undermine what is true, Truth is immutable. What liberals can achieve–and where they have been successful over the last half-century–is sowing confusion.

The best example is Humanae Vitae, which is the 1968 Church encyclical that clearly and brilliantly explains the Church’s teachings on sexuality and reiterates the Church’s ban on artificial contraception. Prior to issuing the encyclical, the pope had asked for recommendations from the Pontifical Commission on Birth Control (including liberal theologians), the majority of whom foolishly advocated for allowing artificial birth control. The Pope, who on matters of faith and morals is infallible, correctly explained why this was bad for women and the world.

Subsequent events have proven him right.

Unfortunately, between the failure of priests to condemn this sin from the pulpit and society’s escalating sexual revolution, the vast majority of Catholics do not follow the Church’s teaching to their own detriment. In thinking they are free, these people, many of whom identify as practicing Catholics while they violate Church teaching, are actually slaves to their sexual desires. Many of these same Catholics can control their desire to overeat or abuse alcohol and drugs, but every sexual urge must be satisfied! This leads to disease, unwanted pregnancy, heartbreak, abortion and a dissolution of morals that undermines the very fabric of our lives and culture.

This societal deterioration in the name of freedom is not enough for the liberal elites who want to further destroy the family by the continuing attack on marriage through advocating so-called same-sex marriage. They know that the Church will not marry two men but they want to weaken the Church’s clear teaching by making it about individual rights of homosexuals.

The Church, as evidenced by the Catechism, is clear in her teaching: love the sinner, but hate the sin. Every person can be saved and every person is loved by God. We have to repent of our sins, however, and not celebrate them. Whatever discussions theologians and possibly well-intentioned bishops may have about the treatment of homosexuals in the Church, they must make it clear that the teaching is correct and is itself loving.

Telling someone their sin is not a sin only hurts that person because he will not feel the need to repent. Much like the contracepting women who attend Mass each week and receive the Eucharist, they will think that they are making spiritual progress when they are actually condemning themselves.

God does not send us to Hell; we make the choice by committing but then not repenting of mortal sin. We choose our pleasure over His law. To the extent priests and bishops say nothing and let people marinate in their sin, they too will face judgment. All of this is not socially acceptable to say, I know, but that does not make it untrue, only unpopular.

If the Church loves homosexuals, as well as all people, then the Church will continue to preach the truth, ever more loudly, in a world that is openly hostile to anything that deprives it of fleeting pleasures. In addition to having the correct teachings in the Catechism, the Church’s leaders need to proclaim the truth by not being afraid of the liberal elites. They don’t judge us in a meaningful way but God will judge us all when our time comes.

Do we want to be Christians or politically correct? Do we want to be clear and virtuous or confused and led astray? The answer comes down to whether we want to go to Heaven or Hell. Truth doesn’t change so we had better repent–as must our leaders whose silence has contributed to the sorry condition we are in today.

An Open Letter to Cardinal Dolan About Gays in the St. Pat’s Parade


Your Excellency:

I was shocked and disturbed to hear that the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), which as an Irish Catholic organization runs the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, has changed its policy of not allowing political advocacy groups march under their own banner starting in 2015.

While any person–gay, straight–could march in the parade as individuals in order to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of New York, certain groups, notably the endlessly activist homosexuals, demanded to march under their own pro-gay banner.

Pro-lifers were not allowed to march and the Catholic Church is undeniably and unquestionably pro-life. Did they complain? No, of course not. The parade is not about celebrating the worthy pro-life cause. It is about celebrating a famous saint who is dear to the Irish people.

But gays, whose activities and lifestyles when practiced violate Church teaching, demanded inclusion under their own banner allegedly as inclusion but really to undermine Catholicism’s clear teaching on sodomy.

They want it normalized and celebrated. The rest of society has been capitulating but the bulwark against this ceaseless attack on traditional morality, on which society is based, is the Catholic Church. Which is why the homosexual activists try to silence and intimidate the Church.

Up to now they have not been successful. The Church cannot and has not and will not change her teaching on sexual activity, which is reserved for one man and one woman who are married to each other.

Quaint to certain people, bigoted to the intolerant elites, but true nonetheless.

While this action by AOH, short-sighted as it is, is not the same as abandoning the Church’s principled position, it does sew confusion among the faithful–and everyone else. What will people think when they see practicing homosexuals marching under their own banner in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade? They will think that the Church isn’t really opposed to sodomy. It is like artificial birth control, which priests know that most of the female flock are using despite being a mortal sin. They never condemn it anymore even though officially the Church opposes it. I believe the reason that the overwhelming number of Catholic women contracept is that they don’t think it is really a sin.

It will be the same for homosexuals, who could be pardoned for thinking that sodomy isn’t that big a deal if their brethren can march in a parade honoring a Catholic saint.

All of this is unnecessary. John Cardinal O’Connor, one of the greatest archbishops New York ever had, was a man of integrity and faith. The Catholic Church provided care for homosexuals with AIDS in the early 1980s (as it still does) yet when then-Mayor Edward Koch, with whom he was friends, tried to force the Church to violate her beliefs, O’Connor said no and threatened to close down the treatment facilities rather than violate the faith.

O’Connor did not back down. Koch did.

That was not that long ago.

Cardinal Dolan, stand up for what is right and don’t capitulate. Please reverse this decision. There is no discrimination here. Any gay can march as an Irishman. He just cannot march advocating sin. Nor can any heterosexual.

If you as the leading Catholic cleric in this country will not stand for the Church’s teachings, who will?

I pray daily for all priests and bishops to be personally holy and to teach clearly the Catholic faith to a world that does not even know the truth. I know you are a holy man but I question if you are being clear in letting the world know what the Church teaches and why. The ones that suffer from confusion and who thus fall into sin are the ones hurt, both straight and gay. Catholics must always fight for the truth with love.

Sincerely, Sualma, an Irish-American New York Catholic

The Persecution of Christians Worsens


I am amazed at how Christians tolerate abuse and mockery and in some cases welcome it. They laugh at the priest-as-pedophile jokes. They openly disagree with Church teachings and act indignant that there are objective truths by which they will be judged. They probably don’t know that our brethren around the world suffer persecution, especially in the Middle East.

The media report extensively about the battles between Jews and Muslims. The fact that some Muslims are killing and persecuting Christians goes unnoticed. So one could almost understand why American Christians could carelessly ignore the plight of our brothers. It is less understandable how we could be so uninterested in losing our own rights to freedom of conscience. Except the majority of Christians don’t have well-informed consciences anymore and don’t understand the cost of their sin.

But our problems here, while worsening, and needing of attention, are not the most pressing ones right now. What is happening overseas needs our attention and action.

According to the patriarch of Babylon in Iraq, part of which has been taken over by ISIS, a radical Muslim group that is trying to re-establish the caliphate:

The control exercised by the Islamist Jihadists upon the city of Mosul, and their proclamation of it as an Islamic State, after several days of calm and expectant watching of events, has now come to reflect negatively upon the Christian population of the city and its environs.

The initial sign was in the kidnapping of the two nuns and 3 orphans who were released after 17 days. At the time, we experienced it as a flash of hope and as a clearing of the sky after the appearance of storm clouds.

Suddenly we have been surprised by the more recent outcomes which are the proclamation of an Islamic state and the announcement calling all Christians and clearly asking them to convert to Islam or to pay the jizyah (the tax all non- Muslims must pay while living in the land of Islam) – without specifying the exact amount. The only alternative is to abandon the city and their houses with only the clothes they are wearing, taking nothing else. Moreover, by Islamic law, upon their departure, their houses are no longer their properties but are instantly confiscated as property of the Islamic state.

Can you imagine being forced to convert under threat of force? Or being compelled to pay a special tax? While we are not being threatened with death or other extreme measures in this country, we should be praying for our neighbors suffering throughout the world. And we should be more vigilant here.

The fact that there are segments of the population–including those in high political office–that want to ostracize American Christians, particularly Catholics, by making us violate our consciences by doing things like pay for others’ contraceptives and abortifacients should be disturbing. The fact that those who oppose calling homosexual unions marriage are targeted and called bigots is intimidation. This includes photographers and bakers who refuse to violate their consciences by participating in alleged same-sex marriages and who are fined as a result.

While we are not Iraq, we are on our way to losing our rights if we don’t protect them. Just like we need to advocate for our brothers in Christ abroad, we need to protect our Constitutional rights here before we lose them. When you think about it, what liberals are doing in this country is a gentler form of Christian persecution that Iraqis and others are enduring right now. In order to help them, we need to help ourselves. Depriving people of their livelihoods and subjecting them to ridicule for not violating their consciences is a stepping stone to the kind of persecution Christians once endured.

Despite the vast majority of Americans identifying as Christian, the reality is we are post-Christian. Like liberal Republicans (RINOs), the majority of Christians are Christian in Name Only (CINOs). That explains why we have lost society and why we who actually believe will lose the ability to live our Christianity publicly if we do not have a Christian revival characterized by a renewal of the faith and mass repentance.

Summer Fashion: Do People Own Mirrors?


I think people do own mirrors and that makes the assault on the senses even worse. It is bad enough that our fellow man has become fond of tattoos and body piercings. Now that it is summer these ugly markings are quite visible.

And what kind of ridiculous outfits am I and others being subjected to now that that the mercury is rising?

Let’s see. I saw a girl wearing short shorts that were so short that I could literally see the bottom of her bottom. Don’t people like that worry about the germs when they sit down, like on the subway? Gross.

We are still being subjected to the unflattering maxi dresses that cling to buttocks and which make women look pregnant when they are not. When I try to determine if I should give up my seat on the bus, it helps if I can tell that a woman is actually preggers.

I have also noticed that see through blouses are still popular. Nothing like seeing a woman collecting social security wearing a white shirt that does not hide her black, or frequently, pink bra. In defense of these ladies, I have noticed that many clothes being sold are made of sheer fabrics. Of course, I do my best to steer clear of them. I know it gets hot out, but that does not mean what is inside should be showcased for the world to see.

I have also noticed that no matter what people’s size they like to wear skintight pants, skirts, tops and dresses. Whether it is the skinny slut or the overweight lady not accepting her size, my eyes are constantly assaulted. I don’t want to see it and there is only so much one can avert one’s eyes.

Not to be outdone, I have noticed that men–gay or straight, it is hard to know–are increasingly sporting fitted clothes. I don’t get why men want to wear jeans and pants that don’t allow them to breathe. I even see men wearing suits that are European style. I just don’t get it. I know it is considered fashionable but it is unmanly. Men need to stop following women’s fashions.

This includes a new trend which allows muscular men to wear tee shirts that expose their male cleavage. Again, I don’t understand why men want to imitate women. Men should be men and women should be women.

Ever notice how society has gone downhill as men have tried to be like women and women men? And now we have the rise of transgenders as per Time Magazine? Is this where we want society to go?

New York’s Irresponsible App


I was commuting on the subway and I looked up to see another ad campaign sponsored by New York, the home of my benevolent fascist leaders. It featured a young couple looking at each other. It could be a cute scene but in big letters it says “my birth control + his condoms”. The ad is specifically geared to teenagers, who legally cannot even have sex before age 17. Yes, that is right. In New York, Big Brother is encouraging so-called safe sex by advising young people where to get artificial contraception.

I, as a decent person, was horrified. Our children–and teens are children–are being encouraged to have sex. Children are not ready for the responsibility of sex which has emotional and physical consequences. Based on the number of contracepting Hollywood starlets who get pregnant outside of marriage, it is easy to see that there is a high risk of these teens getting pregnant.

Big Brother loves abortion so no problem!

Even if we are only talking about birth control, why should I as a taxpayer have to foot the bill for things that not only violate my conscience but also are bad for kids? Young people do not have the sense to engage in adult behaviors without serious consequences. We tell them have fun and there is no ramifications. Pop a pill and worry not!

Broken hearts and bodies result.

In addition to giving bad advice that will lead to irresponsible and possibly illegal sex, the app also normalizes same-sex feelings.

According to the New York Daily News:

The app also offers short educational videos featuring teen actors.

In one, “Samantha” wonders why she has feelings for her friend “Alisha” even though she has a “sweet” and “attentive” boyfriend named “Richie.”

“I like sex with Richie but sometimes I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful Alisha is,” the curly-haired teen actress says.

“Or how much I want to kiss her, or go even further. So I guess I like girls too,” said Samantha.

In the video, Samantha visits a guidance counselor who directs her to a free health clinic. There, she’s given condoms and a prescription for birth control pills and told that her feelings are normal.

So not only is the app–in effect the voice of the government–encouraging potentially under-age teens to have risky sex–only abstinence is foolproof–it is also encouraging same-sex relations as normal.

By definition, such feelings are not normal. There are very few homosexuals in the population, even if one were to accept the inflated 10% figure, and bisexuality is even less common. There are many people these days who are experimenting but are not actually homosexual in orientation. But why on earth would New York want to encourage this deviancy? I know they don’t see it that way but that doesn’t change what it is.

And remember we’re paying for this propaganda. We need to stop brainwashing our children.

Children should be encouraged to have good morals, to study hard, and to be active. We need to encourage them to use the same self-control in the sexual arena that they are supposed to have with food and cigarettes.

The Ball for Life Is Coming Soon!


The annual Ball for Life, which supports the good work of Good Counsel Homes that assist women in crisis pregnancy situations, will be held on Friday, May 9, 2014. This is the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend, a deliberate choice by the organizers. Motherhood needs to be celebrated. Choosing life is the only righteous option for a pregnant woman. For those in difficult situations, pro-lifers who staff Good Counsel Homes help women, girls and families in need.

The gala is held at the Racquet and Tennis Club at 370 Park Avenue in New York City. It begins with cocktails at 7 pm followed by dinner at 8 pm. The black tie optional event features dancing and a jewelry auction. Music is provided by the Glenn Drewes Orchestra.

Prior to the ball a Mass will be held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 5:30 pm to worship God and celebrate life.

Even if you are not able to attend this wonderful, life-affirming evening, please consider making a donation to the good people who assist the helpless.

Imagine this: Let’s say you are a pregnant teen rejected by your family but you want to have your baby. You have no place to go. Good Counsel is there for such people, giving them a place to live, educational opportunities and assistance with childcare. Good Counsel does what others don’t. They need our support, both spiritual and financial.

May God bless the work of Good Counsel and the vulnerable women who have the opportunity to be the moms they want to be.


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